Selected Poems by Jim Cohn


Poems from Prairie Falcon (1982-1987)

Yanti Creek Meditation

Ink Spots

Meat Cove, N.S.

Wedding Night In New York

Havana Sedan

Cobra City

Idle Trains

Prairie Falcon

The Dream’s Within Myself

Ode To Fallen Trees

Tote Road

Moonlight in Vermont


Poems from Grasslands (1988-1993)


George Washington Bridge, Lower Level, Clear Day


Sunflowers In Black

Why Gambling Is Spiritual

Not A Lost Dream

Maria Dolores

Long Road To Tijuana

Flop Rap

Space Station 69

Hardwood Visions

Military Forensic Prisoner #58,102

999 Hours

Padre Trail

The Secret Desire Of Fear

Barbed-Wire Mind

Single White Male


Poems from The Dance Of Yellow Lightning Over The Ridge (1993-1997)

Ute Pass

World Grief

When Robots Cry

Notes From A Tribute To Allen Ginsberg By Sharon Olds

My Love, You Are Like Glen Canyon

Jemez Mountains Meditation

Contributing To The One Great Poem

Peter Orlovsky’s Jack Kerouac Lecture & Revelation:  Penny Lane, 13 March 1995

Su Tung P’o: The Hits


After My Car Is Totaled In A Rockslide


Promised Land

Can’t Downsize The Void


Poems from Quien Sabe Mountain (1998-2004)

Quien Sabe Mountain

Tundra Mudra

Each Faded Mile

Three Sisters


Machu Picchu Meditation

Whitman Photograph At La Sebastiana

Treasures For Heaven

Coyote Steals The 2000 Presidential Election

Paria Canyon

Sitting On A Log Over Middle St. Vrain Creek

Ghost Dance

If Every God

The Rabbi Poems

The White Cliffs Of Nirvana

Di’bil Ibn Ali’l-Khuzai

The Route Of The Dead Man

Notes To A Young P-borg


Poems from Mantra Winds (2004-2010)

Even Now, As You Enter My Poems

Covering Mud With Straw

My Video Game

Brief Proposal For American Karmic Studies 

Jack Kerouac Seen Running Around The Ball Fields Of Basra

Rhett Butler Was No Suicide Bomber

When Skeletons Make Love

Superknowledge No Superpower Has

Starving Man’s Neighbors Let Him Die

Hello, I’m Jim Cohn & I Don’t Endorse Or Unendorse This Poem

Lost Obama Race Speech Fragment

To Express Myself Fully

Whitman In Vegas

When I Was The Court Astrologer

Girdled With Chains

Ode To Swat

Not Truth’s Fault


Poems from The Groundless Ground (2010-2014)

In Which Room Do You Reside?

What I Learned, The Hard Way

In The Dark Days Of The Obama Presidency

Notes From A Talk By Amiri Baraka

Memory Ashes

Allen As A Teacher––Notes for Boulder Theater Premiere of Howl

Notes From Gary Snyder Speaking At Reed College 60 Years After Graduation

Scripture Of Many Winds

Poem Writ While Listening To “Deep Elem Blues”

1,000,000-Year Poem

Jayne Cortez

Typewriters Were Subject To Police Registration, But Not Guns

Plumber’s Satori

Human Eye In Palm Of Open Hand

John Lennon’s “God”

Whether I Like It Or Not

Black Diamond Mind


Poems from The Ongoing Saga I Told My Daughter: Extended Edition (2016)

Saddle Up, Gopikaas

Birthday Dress

Emily “Venus” Dickinson

Bombshell Incarnation

You, Multiples Without End

Playing Alone By Herself

Journey To The Center Of The Optogram

Wasted Beauty

Dial Tone Times Nirvana

National Treasure V. National Disgrace

Samsara Remembers “Morning Dew”

Omneya’s Mobile Morgue

The Reincarnation Of Anne Frank

The Future Always Finds Us Changed

To Observe Without Being Observed

Monks Pour Sand Mandala Into Mississippi River