Flop Rap

for Bob Holman


The Supreme Court is a flop.

Civil Rights is a flop.

Divorce & Crime, big flops.

The Nuclear Arsenal is a flop.

He’s a flop & he’s the Chief Executive!

And his Handlers, they all flop.

& the Corporations he represents,

nothing but flops.

Competitive Edge a flop.

International Markets a flop.

Public Radio & Cable News, just flop x two.

Free Speech a flop.

Newspapers a soft-porn flop.

Photo-Ops flop.

Censorship a flop.

What a flop Central Intelligence.

Architecture of Thought, an artificial flop.

National Security Association, a telecom flop.

Creaky Health Care skeletal stench goes flop.

Pursuit of Money, perhaps your fatal flaw.

Automobile-Recording Industry Complex

expensive ear-fuck flop.

Toenails, a flop.

Gene Patents, even scientists flop.

KKK great Aryan Nation flop.

Lynching a flop.

Poison Gas, a flop.

Skin, a cancerous Ozone flop.

Abstinence, another Mayflower safesex flop.

Dirty distortions about “Clean Power” flop.

Redwoods climbing to nowhere, flop.

Earth & Heaven, polluted flops.

Autumn––that Time when Tough Daddy Death flops.

Trees fall off their leaves with dyslogic flops.

Mountains fall off their clouds––irrational flops.

Stars flop, fall off inky-blueblack hole Swings.

Each generation a flop.

Every Poem & Machine a flop.

You plus the person you Love plus the thing you flee

= flop x 3.

That One to be next to you in the Grave.

Flops, those that will of you dine someday.

Everything changes & everything flops

Flop goes Memory.

Untruth flops True

& me a flop.

Me a flop too.



20 October 1991



[Published in Grasslands.

© 1994 by Jim Cohn.]




(Writers & Books Publications, 1994)