Memory Ashes


Above Great Stupa of Dharmakayna,

Up trail leading to Marpa Peak,

The Dharma Lion memorial is so striking

Even fearless Anne Waldman gasped back tears.


Here in this John McCann oatmeal canister are

ashes of Allen Ginsberg, poet.


Peter Orlovsky, who inspired Allen Ginsberg

With love & poesy, banjo singing songwriting

Oracular Peter Orlovsky, personal trainer

To sons and daughters

Of nobility末


His memorial in outcrop, a few steps away末

Remains in plastic bag.


As soon as we begin burning their photographs,

Shelley痴 west wind whips through the trees.

Eventually, the wind dies.

Their images are no more.

Blue sky末all for show,

All for emptiness.


In this place, these words were said:

徹 Compassionate Ones, these people末

Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovksy

Have died without choice, with no friends, no refuge, no allies.

They have entered the great wilderness.

They have gone where there is no solid ground.



Shambhala Mountain Center

28 August 2010



[Published in The Groundless Ground: Poems 2010-2014.

ゥ 2014 by Jim Cohn.]




The Groundless Ground: Poems 2010-2014
(MAP Publications, 2014)