The Reincarnation Of Anne Frank


Garland told her father, “I am her.” “Every girl is.” “She was a writer” “whose story helped cheat Hitler.” There were words like “crying so hard she never forgot to say ‘yes,’” words like “their ambitions not ours,” words like “when you deal with the history of Shoah,” words like “make clear what is fact.” “Anne and her father” “living in Amsterdam” “where he was to arrange” “the secret annex” “visited the orphanage” “a dozen times.” “How engaged she” “and her father were” “the two of them.” “Very close.” “Others remember” “she had a leader’s personality” “big know-it-all” “domineering.” “When the Nazis occupied Holland” “in May 1940” “they showed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” “Jews were forbidden” “to go to movies.” “Her father” “knowing his wife had died” “was liberated from Auschwitz.” “He looked like a ghost.” “One day, he came to us” “with a little parcel.” “It was a diary.”



[Published in The Ongoing Saga I Told My Daughter: Expanded Edition.

© 2016 by Jim Cohn.]




The Ongoing Saga I Told My Daughter: Expanded Edition
(MAP Publications, 2016)