Tundra Mudra


I read the green histories of lichen on rock,

Alphabets of peaks that eons revise,

Cushion of daisies on which the sky rests,

Pillow of stone on which lightning sits.

There is the tantra of mesas

On which She the earth walks––

Her feet made of clover & silk phacelia,

Pelvis of sparrows, asters & truth.

Flowering yarrow, shepherd in black

Wandering the ground of common emptiness,

Love is a cairn across the wind-swept tundra

Guiding the spirit where there is no trail.



La Garita Wilderness

18 July 1998



[Published in Quien Sabe Mountain:

Poems 1998-2004. © 2004 by Jim Cohn.]




Quien Sabe Mountain
(MAP Publications, 2004)