Ghost Dance


Over the rubble of the World Trade Center

The grand sad unimaginable confusion of souls

Rose from towers mangled steel末to afterlives all末

All eyes drawn to that vacuum in the sky痴 next move

Where the ghost dance of bodhisattva firemen

& holy martyrs of terror末holy martyrs lost &

Missing, a great far reaching cry spreading wild

Across the planet末the crying unity of undying pain末


All the dead circling above ambulance drivers &

From afar in Manhatta痴 canyon looking up through

Smoke末janitors, multi-millionaires, passengers

Belted in their missileseats, stewardess with tender hands

Tied behind her back末no more bills, no lives to return to,

No Korans & Bibles, no quotes of stocks to comfort them.


Bloodplanes break the silence of clouds末strangely

Lonesome末as we, the living, pierce ourselves with the

Hooks of memory, digging without rest, digging night

& day, throwing ourselves into the holes of grief in

Search of ourselves changed forever末looking up,

Seeing nothing, in disbelief looking up again.



13 September 2001



[Published in Quien Sabe Mountain:

Poems 1998-2004. ゥ 2004 by Jim Cohn.]





Quien Sabe Mountain
(MAP Publications, 2004)