Brief Proposal For American Karmic Studies 

after Chögyam Trungpa appeared in a dream


Rinpoche, drinking from an old tin can, said to me––

The homeland is in the midst of its own terrible mistakes.

The government spends billions to broadcast neurosis.

This does not imply an open situation

With things as they are.


Taking another sip, he laughed––

You never read about bodhisattvas receiving medals.

If you’re serious about what a democratic people should pursue,

Set your sights on burning off

American karma in your own lifetime.


That way, you will realize the country’s pure

Sitting Bull nature.



10 January 2005



[Published in Mantra Winds: Poems 2004-2010

© 2010 by Jim Cohn.]




Mantra Winds
(MAP Publications, 2010)