Can't Downsize The Void


Canít downsize the void.

No cost-of living rises in benefits to cut there.

Canít cremate it like Gandhiís bones.

No ashes to forget 10,000,000 years.


Canít fight proxy wars in the void.

Canít topple kings, explicate political mayhem.

No public letters, no number 2 official.

No families reunited in the void.


No workers sent to pulse limbo.

Canít compromise over World Trade.

Revisit old dingy punishment cell.

Canít hear the Popeís mass from the void.


No marijuana studies. No ĎThiní drugs.

No Lady of the Broom sweeping up broken glass.

No serial bombers, No Carnival Air.

Canít rush paperbacks into print in the void.


Canít admit failure to improve computers.

No help for Inner-City residents planned.

Canít ask to review blood evidence.

No crime labs to fault in the void.


Demonstrators march thousands of millennia unseen.

Billions upon billions in charity never bring aid.

No role for Evil. No factory doors closed.

Canít legislate anonymity & selflessness in the void.



2 February 1997



[Published in The Dance Of Yellow Lightning Over The Ridge:

Poems 1993-1997. © 1998 by Jim Cohn.]




The Dance Of Yellow Lightning Over The Ridge: Poems 1993-1997
(Writers & Books Publications, 1998)