Legacy Transmissions

Text-exhibits illustrate the germane, visionary, expansive, and prophetic contributions to the understandings of skillful poetic craft throughout the twentieth century. These legacy poetics  suggest the vast wellspring of emancipative countercultural knowledge left by the Beat Generation, their brilliant predecessors, and poets of contemporaneous schools.
Ginsberg in front of Blake's cottage at Felpham on the south coast of England. The book is Blake's own illustration of that cottage, from Milton a Poem printed in 1811.  November 1979. photo: Chris Schwarz.


Sam Abrams
"Permanent Universal Image Donation and Total Release, Consent and Authorization"

Afrika Bambaataa
"Universal Zulu Nation (Wisdom)"

Amiri Baraka
from "Expressive Language"

Ted Berrigan
from "The Business of Writing Poetry"

William S. Burroughs
"The Electronic Revolution"

Cid Corman
on Poetry over the Radio

Hart Crane
from "General Aims and Theories"

Robert Creeley
from "Linda Wagner: An Interview With Robert Creeley"

Emily Dickinson
from "Letters to T. W. Higginson"

Ed Dorn
from "The Poet The People The Spirit"

Allen Ginsberg
"Mind Writing Slogans"

Allen Ginsberg
"Spiritual Poetics"

Allen Ginsberg
Short Free Course on Shakespeare’s Play, The Tempest

Dick Higgins
"Statement on Intermedia"

Anselm Hollo
"Oh Didn't He Ramble (Excerpts from the Informal Seminar Verbarium)"

Langston Hughes
from "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain"

James Weldon Johnson
"Preface to The Book of American Negro Poetry"

Bob Kaufman

Jack Kerouac
"Belief & Technique for Modern Prose: List of Essentials"

Denise Levertov
from "Some Notes on Organic Form"

Bernadette Mayer
"I Imagine Things"

Pablo Neruda
Nobel Lecture "Towards the Splendid City"

Alice Notley
The Poetics of Disobedience

Frank O'Hara
from "Personism: A Manifesto"

Charles Olson
from "Projective Verse"

Ezra Pound
from "A Retrospect"

Carl Rakosi
from "Day Book"

Kenneth Rexroth
"Subversive Aspects of Popular Songs"

Ed Sanders
from "Investigative Poetry: The Content of History Will Be Poetry"

Gary Snyder
from "Unnatural Writing"

Gertrude Stein
from "Narration: Lecture 2"

Henry David Thoreau
The Transmigration of the Seven Brahmans

Lew Welch
from "Language is Speech"

Philip Whalen
from "'Goldberry Is Waiting'; or, P.W., His Magic Education as a Poet"

Walt Whitman
from "Walt Whitman to Ralph Waldo Emerson"

William Carlos Williams
"Modernist Guideposts"