I hereby donate my image/images to the public domain in perpetuity.

I understand that this means that any person, organization, entity or consciousness may and will take motion or still pictures of me. I understand that various entities may and will record my appearance and/or actions and/or voice and/or stream of consciousness (in whole or part). I understand that such recordings may and will be made by various means: by film, video, digital and analog encoding in mechanical, chemical, electronic, magnetic, gravitational, and biological media, including recording by means and media not invented at the time of this donation. I hereby consent to all recordings of "my" image/images by any and all person, organizations, entities, or consciousnesses, at any and all times.

I understand that "my" image/images will be further changed, manipulated, transformed and transvalued by a variety of "editorial" processes, including but not limited to framing (i.e. segregation of image/images from experience by spatial or temporal limits), and by juxtaposition, superimposition, or combining with other images. I understand that "my" image/images will also be transformed by the very process of perception by the audiences who may and will see, hear or otherwise experience "my" image/images (The so-called Hypocrite Lecteur Effect).

I understand that recordings of "my" image/images may and will be exhibited, transmitted, broadcast, published, displayed and dispensed in various media including but not limited to multiples, wave propagation, implants, pharmaceuticals and as artifacts.

I hereby authorize and release all persons, organizations, entities and consciousnesses who may and will use "my" image/images from all claims of liability with respect to the recording, editing, publication, display, sale, distribution, consumption or use for any purpose whatsoever of such images of me, "my" self, "my" voice, "my" appearance, "my" thoughts, "my" feelings, "my" sensations, "my" possessions, "my" relationships. This grant of release includes but is not limited to all claims for invasion of privacy, libel, slander, exploitation.

This permanent, irrevocable donation of "my" image/images, this consent, authorization, grant and release is freely and voluntarily given in return for good and sufficient consideration often received.

This donation, grant, release, consent and authorization becomes effective upon delivery of this signed form to anyone.