1. We Believe in one God, not in pagan Gods like the God of the Sun, Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, Ice, or hundreds of Gods but only in one God who is called by many names: Allah,Jehovah,Yahweh, Eloahim, Jah, God, The Most High, The Creator, and he Supreme One. We, as Amazulu (The People of The Heavens), recognize that there are millions of different people on the planet so-called Earth who call the Supreme One by many names. We, the Zulus, recognize them all as being the same one God (that Supreme Force). We, the Zulus, will not kill or go to war with other humans over which proper name to call the Supreme One. Millions of foolish Human Beings have killed, robbed, raped, conquered, destroyed, and wiped out other Human Beings, all in the name of God, or religion. All proclaim to have the truth, but in real truth, they have killed over foolishness in the name of Satan, who truly has become their God. Fighting over religion or the true name of God, you are really fighting and killing in the name of evil (Satan). We, as Zulus, believe God will one day come to be seen to the human eye and straighten out the problems that Human Beings brought upon this planet so-called Earth. Although in the Bible there are some prophets who said they had seen the Lord of all the Worlds, but on a mass level, there are millions throughout so-called Earth who have not seen, talked, walked, or had a face-to-face, friendly conversation with God Almighty. Yes, they say God made us in his own image, and yes, they (the scholars) say God is within all of us, but we know on a mass level, that no Humans made the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Wind, Fire, Animals, Plant Life, Trees, Insects, Universe, Daylight Night, and the list goes on. These are the things that show you that there is some other force which is more powerful than you, but your mind is as powerful as God Himself in Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.God gives us Knowledge, which is infinite to even challenge if God exists or does not exist and to be rulers over the Earth and of all which is of the Earth and for us to peak into space to see the wonders of the Universe. God gives you Life, and He/She gives you death. But we, as Amazulu, cannot wait for God to appear and show His/Her/Whatever self. When He/She, God, is ready to show self, all the world in the Universe shall see the Force of who He/She/What is. We, as Amazulu must get on with the life God gave us on this planet so-called Earth by trying to do what is right in life and living our lives until our death and not get crazy, or spaced out in a God that we love and do not see, nor can we treat other Humans with no love, likeness, and hate that we do see everyday of our lives. We, Amazulu, respect all names of the Supreme God. God is infinite and Knowledge is infinite as God, Himself.

  2. We, Amazulu (the People of the Heavens) believe in the Holy Bible and The Glorious Qu' ran and in the Scriptures of all the Prophets of God. We respect and believe in all the Truths of both Holy Books, the Scriptures of all the prophets of God in both books, and the Prophets who were not in either Books. As the Qu' ran says, a Prophet (or a person who warns) was sent to every nation on this planet so-called Earth. We also have to look and seek the Truth that these other Prophets (or people who warn) have given to other Humans on this planet so-called Earth. We must read, seek, analyze, and understand with wisdom all that the Prophets of God were trying to teach, preach, and say to the Humans they were sent to put back on the right path of Righteousness.

  3. We believe that The Bible has been tampered with and that White people, in preaching and teaching White Supremacy, took the Scriptures of the Prophets of God and rearranged them to push for White Supremacy, for example: 1) the painting of Jesus Christ White, 2) all of the angels White, 3) in fact, even all the Prophets as white. Movies were made, showing White people as everything that is Holy and any other Humans whose color is not White were shown to be inferior--while White people were superior. White people have been blessed to rule just like other People of Color have been blessed to rule sometime in history, but when you do not rule in justice, and rule in superiority over others because of color or thoughts that "I am better than you," then you become an evil or Satan, the Devil Him or Herself. Evil overcomes you and you become a Devil His or Herself, that is why the Bible must be reinterpreted so that Mankind will not be snared by the falsehood that has been added to it.

  4. Because of White Supremacy, many of the history books which are used to teach around the World in schools, colleges, and other places of learning have distorted true history of other Humans of Color on this planet so-called Earth, are full of lies, and foster hate against other Humans of Color, races, nationalities in the Human Family. There are hundreds of lies in history because of White Supremacy: 1) Columbus discovered America, 2) Greece is the Mother of Western Civilization, 3) Black people are cursed people--that it is in The Bible, 4) Jesus Christ and God are White, 5) Native American, Afrikans, Asians, Indians, are all savages, 6) Whites are the mothers and fathers of medicine, science, 7) Black people are inferior, and white people superior--all of these are lies and falsehoods. We, Amazalu, believe that all history books that contain falsehoods should be destroyed and only books that are based on true facts on every race, should be taught in all schools of learning, teaching true history and not falsehood. To put one race over the other because you feel your one race is better than the other race) is wrong and when you do this, you indeed have become a race of Devils, causing destruction to everything that is life or truth on this planet so-called Earth or in the Universe.We, all the people on this planet so-called Earth, must teach true history, not falsehood, and must respect each other's color, culture, ways of life as long as we are not living an uncivilized life.

  5. We believe in truth, whatever or where ever it is. You must manifest your ideals to us and back up your truths with Facts, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, and if it indeed is the truth, then we, as Amazulu, bear witness to this truth. But if the truth you bring us is not backed by fact and it is a set of lies upon lies mixed with truth, then we must dismiss your truth and seek out the real truth in what you bring us. You must be dismissed as a person who says lies, as someone who comes to confuse and wish evil against people who seek truth, and as someone who makes people suffer because of the lies and falsehoods you Devils bring to the people who seek truth.

  6. Religion should be spiritual uplift of Human Beings and help to Humans who need to get out of the stressful state of mind of foolishness, confusion, hate, deceit, and evil, satanic thinking. Religion should bring you into the knowledge of what the Prophets taught in truth, not in lies or falsehood mixed with truth.All Religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the list goes on) should be on the front line of Freedom, Justice and Equality for all Human Beings and not for a select few--like the rich over the poor, or one race over the other race, for example: the idea that White people are superior over Black, Brown, Yellow, Red People. No! Religions of all faiths should fight in the front line against any form of racism against, but should fight for anything of life that God has given to this planet so-called Earth.Religion should not make you into a religious slave or zombie. As thinking people who think for themselves, We, Amazulu (The People of The Heavens), must question everything in religions and everything that's anything in life. We, the Zulus, should listen, analyze, speak up, stand strong and firm, question everything, seek understanding, get the answers--the facts, bear witness to truth (and only truth), and live and die for the truth. Don't let anybody throw big words at you because of a title: like Teacher, Professor, Master, Minister, Imam, Lord, King, Queen, PH.D., Doctor, Lawyer, President, Chief, Father, Mother, Older or Younger, or claim to be his Almighty Him or Herself, the One God. You, as Amazulu, want whoever throws big words to impress someone else. If you still do not have an understanding of what he or she said, then you ask him or her could he or she humble him or herself to clarify (breakdown) what was said in those big words to a simpler understanding.Always be on the alert for people who try to throw you off of understanding with big words. Some of these people are not humble, but are proud and arrogant and wish only to be Bloodsuckers of the poor or unknowledgeable ones. Watch out for all the tricks they play. These people hide in Religions,Government, Schools of Knowledge, and in your own communities, trying to keep you--the one who seeks Knowledge and Understanding--again, keep you blind, death, and dumb. There have been many wars, killing many millions of people in the name of Religion, and over which proper name to call the Creator of all the Worlds and Universe. Don't you be a fool to these tricknowledgy Bloodsuckers who wish to be greedy in wealth by oppressing other Human Beings in the name of Religions, or over which proper name to call God. Let their asses go and rumble in the jungle. You don't die for foolishness. If you're going to die, die for truth and only truth in Freedom, Justice and Equality. Peace!!

  7. Racism and Hate, in all its forms, are trying and almost succeeding in ruling the lives of Human Beings on this planet so-called Earth. Just look all around you. Black People against White People, White People against Black, Brown, Yellow, Red People. Everyone of the same race killing and hating their own selves, even this religion against that religion. My truth is put against your truth, my color against your color, my dog against your cat, my strength against your strength, one country against the other, or one city, town, state, community against the other. Father is against Mother, Son or Daughter, sister is against brother, and even Earth People against some other form of Life on Earth, in the Universe, and even against God the Supreme One (Force).Yes, Racism and Hate is ruling Human Beings. It is a sick disease of the mind, because one Human wishes to be better than the other. For all those who love to Hate or believe strongly in Racism: Just wait until an Earthquake hits your area, or a big storm or wind comes to destroy your city, town, county or your life and that of your loved ones, or a volcano erupts and burns up everything in sight, or the insects turn on your farm crops, then you'll see how you would be starving to eat. You could try that Racism on each other, but God really doesn't care if you hate Him or not, because when He/She sets the motion (elements) of the Earth, Wind or Fire against your Racist, Hating behind (Ass), there will not be anything you can do. God has killed more Humans than all the Wars of the Holy Bible, Glorious Qu'ran, and wars of today all put together. The Supreme Force (God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Eloahim, Jah) etc. has the power of mother nature to be for you or to be against you. He/She/Whatever/The Force/The One True God can send any of the elements on this planet so-called Earth against you. If The Creator wishes, He/She can send elements from other planets or from the Universe against you.The Creator is the Lord of all The Worlds and if you Humans love Racism and Hate, and love to rule by Racism and Hate, but do not deal with Justice, then you Humans will feel the Great Wrath of Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Eloahim, Jah, God, The Supreme One, (Force) upon you, which will bring about Death, Pain, Sorrow, Sickness and Destruction. Only belief in the Supreme One and Truth will destroy this disease called Racism and Hate.

  8. Yes, Human Beings have caused much harm to mother Earth. Humans have caused harm to the air and water all over the Earth, including the water we drink in order to live. Humans have done harm to land and to space. Humans have caused harm to animals and to sea life. Spilling of oil leaks in the seas of the world causing destruction sea life, as well as Humans who have to eat that sea life which bring disease upon the Earth, messing with nature and polluting the land, space, mind, body, and soul, bringing drugs, wars, hate, racism etc. Yes, there is a lot that Humans have done to make life better on this planet so-called Earth, but, it seems like Hell is ruling over Heaven, and Humans must correct their wrongs or else they are headed for destruction as it is prophesized by the Prophets of God. Only Humans with the help of God can change the future. Each one must do their share to save self and~to save Planet Earth. Peace.

  9. Yes, we as Amazulu, believe in the mental resurrection of the dead. We feel that many of the Human Family are Blind, Death, and Dumb to the Knowledge of self and others. When we, Amazulu, say "self," we mean that each person or persons must have true knowledge of who each individual is in the history of their people--finding out where they come from, which country, the True or Ancient name of their country; nation, nationality, race, and civilization. We must deal respectfully with the Truth-both the negative and positive--of our peoples past, admit their wrongs to the world, and then to start a process of healing in order to bring the world out of darkness and into the light of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, and Truth.We, Amazulu, feel that no one should be in secret societies, because secret societies are Bloodsuckers of the poor or less fortunate people. Secret Societies do not wish to give knowledge to all in the Human Family, but wish to control Humans with truth and falseness mixed together, to rule countries, nations, cities and towns. These Humans everyday are bringing about a New World Order, under their rule of evil (SATAN). The Humans of Secret Societies wish to erase the memory of God, The Creator, and want to put themselves as the Lord of The World. Demons are what they are. Knowledge is for everyone. You must seek knowledge from your cradle (birth) to your grave (death). Yes, we do need a resurrection of the mentally dead. The ones who have Knowledge should teach. All Praises Due The Creator Of All The Worlds.

  10. Yes, we, Amazulu, believe that life, creation, and everything is based on mathematics. According to the Holy Bible, God created the Heaven and Earth in seven days, which is found in Genesis Chapter 1:31, Chapter 2:1 & 2, King James Version.So God Almighty had to use mathematics to create everything in six (6) days, which some scholars say could mean that God created everything in 6 days, 6 thousands days, 6 periods in God's time (whatever that is) and on his 7th day, He ended His work which He had made. So what we need to know in truth is: Is God the Author of 7 Days to make a week, 4 weeks to makea month, 52 weeks in a year, 12 months in a year, 365 and 1/4 days in a year? Who is truly the Author of Mathematics? Humans or God (The Force) Him/She/Whatever self? Plus we must be a thinking People, because our mind in Knowledge is as infinite as God Himself. Your heartbeat pumps to a mathematic beat. Your eyes blink to mathematics. You walk and talk to mathematics. You count to mathematics with your fingers and with numbers. The Planets evolve around the Sun to mathematics. The Planets spin on their axis to mathematics. You have sex to mathematics. Everything in your body and out moves in motion to the Universal Law of Mathematics. Ice freezes and melts in temperature according to mathematics. You swim, live, fight, war and kill to mathematics. You build and destroy to mathematics. You even read or write to mathematics. To know God is to know mathematics. Yes, life, creation, everything in life is based on Mathematics. We, Amazulu, believe in the seen, meaning of what we see through our eyes, which is a fact to our mind. When you know anything that is a fact then belief, in fact, disappears because you know that you can see through your eyes, that you can feel, touch, smell, taste, hear, and see-which will make belief vanish, and you will know a fact. We believe in the unseen--of what is to be known from what is not a fact yet. For example, you know that it is a fact that Air and Wind can touch you and that you can feel it, but you cannot grab or hold onto Air or Wind in your hand. Also, you cannot see the Air or the Wind, because they are part of the unseen. You can also hear soundwaves with your ears, but you cannot see soundwaves or hold them with your hands because they are part of the unseen. You can be born and you can see death but you do not know what truly happens after death, because no one ever comes back from the dead to tell the whole world on a mass level what happens after death. Death, too, is part of the unseen. There are many Humans who have said that when they were on their dying bed, they saw a light at the end of a tunnel or that their spirit rose out of them and they looked at themselves on their death bed, while they were supposed to have been pronounced dead by a doctor (who later revived them back to life with some electrical shock to pump their hearts again). If their hearts had truly stopped for a few seconds and they were revived again, then, in truth, they were not dead, because it was not their time to be called to death. Once you are to die and truly receive death, you are not coming back from the dead, unless you are in some horror or science fiction movie. Death is part of the unseen. History, because it is part of the past-in-mind, is part of the unseen. All you have in order to know that something was of the past are pictures, paintings, artifacts, books, oral (talk) history passed from generation to generation, religion, movies, and science. If you were not there to see or experience it for yourself, then that past history is truth and, yes, history is part of the unseen-- again, because you were not there to see, experience, understand, and analyze in order to come to a conclusion. God and Satan are truly of the Unseen. Yes, you see God in yourselves, but you, the Human God, who (according to The Bible) was made in His own image, did not create the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Plant Life, Water, Fire, Air, Wind, Animals, Sea Life, Insects, the Universe, etc. But you Humans can, because of thought matter and motion, build civilizations, rule over animals, sea life, science, medicine, rocket ships, planes, flying saucers, ships (boats), trains, cars, bridges, heaven and hell on Earth. Humans can fight wars, give birth, give death (to kill), etc., because God (the Force) permits you to do this because He/She/Whatever gives you the willpower. But, you know there is something more powerful than you Humans because of what you cannot create, that this unseen force (God) can create.And, yes, there are many people who do not believe in a Spook, Ghost God that they can see, feel, smell, talk and get to talk back; but it still goes back to a force that you cannot see, because it is truly part of the unseen.We, as Amazulu, believe in the Power of the mind. We know that through thought, Man/Woman/Humans can accomplish many wonders and that knowledge is as infinite as God Himself (meaning, it has no beginning and no end). Just try to find out where God became God, who created God, or whether God created self from nothing, but who created nothing or is nothing truly God. Think about it. Knowledge, "nothing," and God are all part of the Unseen.

  11. We believe Justice should be for all, whether or not they believe in God. Justice should rule Kings, Queens, Presidents, Leaders, Civilians, Animals, Sea life or whatever. We must have a Just world. Like the Holy Bible and The Glorious Qu' ran say: Allah, Jehovah, God is a Just God. If there is no true Justice, then there is no true Peace. No Justice, No Peace. Everyone must have the same (Equal) Justice all over the Planet so-called Earth, and if someday we do meet Aliens from another planet, then the whole Universe must be ruled with equal justice for all. Peace.

  12. We, Amazulu, are a people of Peace who wish not to be in confrontations with anyone, who wish for the next man or woman what he wishes for himself--to be at Peace with him or herself, and we, Amazulu, respect everybody as long as they respect us, and give respect to those who are at peace with us.But if we are attacked by an aggressor or oppressor (one or many who wish to do harm (PAIN) against Us), Amazulu then we believe and are taught that we should fight in The Name of Allah, Jah, Jehovah, Eloahim, The Creator, The Most High Supreme One, God to fight those who come against us (The Zulus) to inflict bodily harm, pain, and death against Us.If you want Peace with The Universal Zulu Nation, then be at Peace with Us, but if you want War with Zulus then so it shall be, So shall it be done!

  13. We believe in Power--not the Power to rule or oppress other Humans, for we could live off of them as Bloodsuckers and bring them Hell while we live in Heaven, but the Power we want is the Power to control our own destiny. We want the Power of the Mind, the Power of Education (Knowledge) in Truth, wisdom and Understanding, the Power of Freedom for Us and for all, Power of Justice and Equality, the Power to work for ourselves and for Humans (man/womankind), the Power for the people to uplift themselves out of the gutters of the world to overcome the negative with the positive, real, Just Power. We want Mind Power with no locks or chains on the Mind or Body. Peace.

  14. The Universal Zulu Nation Stands Strong and firm on these basic elements of life, and that are:

    1) Knowledge: to know everything that is anything in this world, or beyond this world in the Supernatural World, or Universe, or in God Almighty Him/She/Whatever self. Knowledge is infinite.

    2) Wisdom: to be wise in my ways and actions and to always strive to pass good judgment to others who will listen, and always ask questions if they do not understand, to analyze what they absorb as Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, to teach others my understanding or opinion of the Knowledge and Wisdom I have received.

    3) Understanding: To Understand to the best of my Knowledge everything that is anything taught to me, whether it is a Human (teacher) who teaches me, or whether it is Nature itself that teaches me. We must try to understand.

    4) Freedom: To be free in mind, free in Knowledge or in seeking Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding anywhere in the Universe. Free to be in control of my own destiny. Free to be a thinker, not a Zombie or Slave. Free to love, like, or Hate what has been done unjustly to Humans throughout the history of time. Free to be Free--Real Freedom.

    5) Justice: to have justice, for where there is no justice, there will never be any Peace.

    6) Equality: to be equal under the Universal Law of God.

    7) Peace: Peace with self and others. Peace of mind. Peace of no noise, sometimes. Peace of no wars, hate or dislikes. Peace of no crime, killing, or destruction. Real Peace.

    8) Unity: To be unified with self and others. To be unified with those who want real Peace, who hates disunity, who fights against those who do not want Unity in the World. Under White Supremacy, Unity among People of Color was totally destroyed. Each Race must have Unity with itself before it could have unity with others on issues which both agree upon.

    9) Love: To love myself and not to be looked at as an inferior person or Human Being. To love God and all he has created in this Universe, to love my everyday existence (being alive) on this planet so-called Earth.

    10) Respect: To be respected as a Man or Woman or Human Being. To respect those who respect me. Not to be used as a chump, punk, inferior person or persons. To respect life wherever it is and if I have to kill anything in life, then to always say "in His name": Allah, Jah, Yahweh, God, because I took life of any sort.

    11) Work: To work hard to succeed in life: To work to raise myself or family so that they can deal with a system that is based on money. To work in being Positiveand not negative, but especially not to work for anyone as a slave or zombie. We, as Amazulu, will love death before we will become a slave or zombie to other Human Beings.

    12) Fun: After work, times, and things seem to be O.K., it is time to release some stress; we must have fun. Fun is to laugh, joke, sometimes too childlike, but to always keep a right mind of what we are doing to have fun. Fun is enjoyment, it feels good and should never be used intentionally to do evil against someone or something.

    13) We, as Amazulu, must always recognize in ourselves our lower negative evil (SATAN) selves and we must always try to overcome our negative self with our positive, upper level, high spirits, good (GOD) selves.

    14) Economics: While we are in a world that deals with money, we, as Amazulu, must find ways for us to build a strong economic base, so that we can get some of the goods which comes from having money in a money-system world. But be aware, or else the secret societies (The Rich And Powerful/New World Order), who have secret agendas to get rid of money and to control the world with all types of debts, by creating a credit card (credit) banking system. These bloodsuckers want to rule all the world and to put 90% of the people in slavery and confusion, to have a Police world and for the 10% to be the rulers of this New World Order, to rid people of their thoughts of believing in God Almighty. They, the 10%, want to set up a Satanic (the Evil Ones) World. They want Hell on Planet Earth as if we don't already have this Hell on Planet so-called Earth.

    15) Mathematics: Everything in life is based on math (numbers). God's whole Universe is based on mathematics.

    16) Science: If it were not for science and scientists, then we, as Humans, could have not fight against so many deadly diseases that harm us, because it is they who find cures to rid us of these diseases. Science helps you to get rid of Mysteries of the unknown. What was unknown is now known because of science. Science, when studying a situation for a period of time, brings truth to what might have been an unreal, non-existent situation to the Human mind before.

    17) Life: Life is what The All Supreme One ( The Creator God) has given to all things in the Universe. Life is the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Creatures, Time, Humans, Animals, Air, Wind, Fire, Rocks, Gases, Thoughts, and etc.

    18) Truth: Truth is the opposite of what has been told, taught, and thought to be lies (falsehood). Truth is the base of Knowledge itself. Hate is the base of lies themselves. Always stand on Truth. Truth is Truth.

    19) Facts: To tell a fact is to bear witness to the truth. Fact is when all beliefs disappears and truth is manifest to be known.

    20) Faith: Faith is to have belief in the Supreme One God or Devil, Spirits or Angels. Faith is to have religion in what is good to bad (evil). Faith is to believe in a person or to give them a chance. Faith is destiny.

    21) The Oneness Of God: To know that Allah, Jehovah, Jah, Yahweh, Eloahim, The Most High, The Creator, The Wise, God are names for the same one God or Supreme One who is called by many different names by Humans all over this so-called Earth. God is not to be confused with Prophets or any Human Being besides God. God is the Lord of all The Worlds. God is you and me which we see everyday but is also of the unseen which we are still seeking to know. The Supreme One God shall, when He/ She/ Whatever/ The Force is ready, let himself be known on a mass level for all Humans to see. Humans and Amazulu, especially, should not go crazy in trying to seek where God is living or hanging out at, because it could lead to an everlasting, infinite story. All Preachers and Teachers, and even some prophets, claim to have sat, walked, talked, and seen the true living God. Who knows?, but we do care to know if these people have actually seen, walked, talked, or sat with the Lord of All The Worlds. But until God decides that He will let the whole World or Universe see Him with their eyes, we must not get crazy with ourselves over not seeing Him for who He/ She/ Whatever is. We must learn to live with each other, destroy Hate and Racism, save ourselves and Planet Earth as well as anything in the Universe that the Creator has given us the privilege to see. We must get on with life on so-called Planet Earth. Remember there will be a time a judgment from God. When? In truth, only He knows. It could be today, tomorrow, thousands, or millions of years from now. God will surely let you know. Live your life wisely and not foolishly.

    Peace Be Unto You!!