Since coming online in 1997,
The Museum of American Poetics (MAP) has documented major trends in Postbeat poetry through its collection of online exhibits, annual Napalm Health Spa journal, poetics transmissions, and featured MAP Channel video presentations. Celebrating the diversity of experimental and outrider poetries leading up to the Beat Generation and in its aftermath, MAP has expanded its coverage of poetry around the world, with special emphasis on poets on the front lines against oppression. Dedicated to the energy and vitality that characterizes the distinct shapeliness of ars poetica, the Museum of American Poetics is dedicated to the persistent lucid spirit of bards and the contribution of American language arts to planetary consciousness.

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Home of the Blues: More Selected Poems by Andy Clausen
(Museum of American Poetics Publications, 2013, 272 pp. Introduction by Eliot Katz.)
"Home of the Blues" cover painting by Michael Wojzcuk.

Click here to get your copy of Andy Clausen's Home of the Blues !


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