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Fall/Winter 2023/24

All civilization has disintegrated, not just Western civilization. This fact is obvious from the entire world sitting watching, perhaps as entertainment as Romans watched death in the Colosseum, the Genocide of Gaza. The “moral democratic” US government rushes more bombs and money to enable Israel’s genocide of Palestine. European governments call the genocide “Israel’s right of self-defense.” Christian Zionists justify genocide in Christ’s name. In Europe those whose moral conscience drives them to protest are arrested. In “free and democratic” UK waving a Palestinian flag is cause for arrest. The Muslim world does nothing, displaying its total impotence and lack of self-respect. And the Russians and Chinese sit there and allow the US and Israel to remake the Middle East in their interest, a development that will increase the power of evil.

For those of us mindful of the achievements of Western Civilization, as well as its blemishes and crimes, to experience the complete evaporation of moral consciousness in the Western world is devastating. The West is not merely permitting this to happen, the West is openly participating in the evil. For evil is what it is.

The Israeli Jews portray themselves as victims as they destroy the lives of others. The Israeli Jews who complain of suffering a Holocaust are now conducting one. Things have been turned upside down. Evil is Good, and Good is Evil. Moral conscience has departed the world.

Spring/Summer 2023

The accumulated evidence is overwhelming that Covid was an orchestrated pandemic. Intentional use of the faulty PCR test, intentional false reporting of Covid deaths as a result of World Health Organization guidelines and financial incentives to hospitals to report all deaths as Covid deaths, and prohibited treatment by known cures tgether produced a high level of fear that drove the masses to accept the Covid "vaccination" that generated huge monetary gains for Big Pharma and associated shills such as Anthony Fauci and massive inroads on civil liberty by governments.

Hardly anyone died from Covid itself. They died from lack of treatment. The protocol was that if you became infected and if you worsened after a week, go to the hospital where you were put on ventilators, an incorrect treatment that usually was deadly. Doctors who saved the lives of their patients with Ivermectin and HCQ were punished. Corporate doctors were fired, and those in private practice suffered attacks on their medical licenses by authorities, resulting in loss of license to practice medicine. Highly distinguished medical scientists who blew the whistle on this death-maximizing approach were demonized, and every effort was made to silence them and to destroy them professionally.

The greatest number of deaths, which continue day by day, is from the Vax. Everywhere every day sports stars and entertainers who served as advertisements for the safety of the Covid "vaccine" are suddenly dropping dead. The corrupt medical establishment turns a blind eye.

The lockdowns, the masks, the "vaccine" did extraordinary harm to people and benefitted no one except Big Pharma's profits and government's agenda to weaken civil liberty.

All of this is known, and there has been no accountability. A program of mass murder and injury to the world population is being ignored. Medical authorities are still recommending the Death Jab, even for babies. This guarantees that a second and a third round of death and injury is coming from more orchestrated pandemics. Bill Gates has promised as much. Such gullible populations can expect no less.

Why is this murderous plot against humanity being ignored? Thousands of medical scientists and doctors are not ignoring it, but the media continues to accuse the leading experts in the world of spreading "misinformation." Efforts continue to be made to silence science and suppress information. Universities and medical schools themselves are part of the effort to prevent the truth from being acknowledged.

Another part of the problem is that many of those who were deceived and who so adamantly defended the Vax, lockdowns, and masks to family and friends are too embarrassed to admit their mistake. They are too fragile to say: I made a mistake and have destroyed the health of my child and killed my mother. The authorities know the weaknesses of people and use their weaknesses to protect and to further the authorities' agendas.

The insouciance, gullibility, and weakness of the majority of the population is inconsistent with the continuation of civil liberty. Totalitarianism is setting in, and it is being tolerated by the masses.

But the question remains - Will the largest organized mass murder in world history escape accountability?

Fall/Winter 2022/23

It is natural human proclivity to run and hide from critical thinking, in what has become a society consumed by spurious headlines, ignorance of fact, and extreme propaganda, but fear not the truth. Understanding the culture war that seems to be perpetually ongoing, is not as daunting as it may appear. All that is required in order to capture the importance of this line of thinking, is a modicum of logic and reason, a desire to know reality over fiction, and to accept certainty above all else. It is imperative to expose the constant lies fed to the collective herd, and to isolate them so as to discover the legitimate truth, so that the State’s false narratives can be abandoned once and for all. Once this awakening occurs, if in fact that is even possible today, and a psychological escape from the insanity of this supposed ‘civilization’ materializes, one’s mind will be free of fear, anxiety, confusion, and hate. It is a wonderful state of being in which to dwell.

We are in a culture war, and the antagonist in this nefarious plot, and evil enemy of all sane thinkers, is the State, its controlling ruling class, and all those who would support, recognize, and enforce, its mandates and illegitimate laws. This includes those who would expect all others to live and act as they do, to blindly accept what they accept, and to bow to authority instead of depending on self. The term “culture” from its Latin root could have come from different source terms, and over time, multiple meanings have been applied, but generally in the context here, it means: institutions, behavior, traditions, ‘norms,’ and way of life. This takes in a lot of territory, but does include the societal whole. This in essence leads to the assumption of a collective society, or collectivism, which in turn, means for the ‘good’ of the group at the expense of the individual. As should be presumed, this would always be a closed society, based on totalitarianism, obedience, and rule, and completely detrimental to freedom. As one should know, but few seem to, this is never the way forward.

Consider just our recent history, and you will come away with a better understanding of our revolutionary departure from independence and responsibility, into the hell hole of collective madness. Just considering the near term, beginning with the ‘covid pandemic’ fraud, the hatred toward one another in this country has escalated exponentially. All so-called ‘cultures’ have collided at once, just as planned by the puppet masters, and caused dissension at such levels among every societal entity, that mass hate has been the result. This has been the ultimate in the strategy of divide and conquer, and due to premeditated and purposeful State agitation, most of the people are at each other’s throats, while the overriding collective mindset is to censor, shun, and condemn the truthtellers; thereby making them out to be non-conforming dangerous terrorists. Those who can help others the most by exposing the global takeover plot, those thinkers who dare to challenge the State, those speaking out against the criminality of the ruling class and its enforcers, have now become the shunned minority.

The entirety of the ‘Great Reset’ plot is based on fear. The ‘covid’ scam bears this out, and all State actions since, have continued to lead to separation from community, family, and friends, elimination of the individual, universal loss of empathy, concentration only on self and self-fulfillment, mass hatred, and total chaos. State allowed rioting, thievery, violence, looting, and the resulting phenomenon of isolation from community in favor of ‘cultural groups,’ have led to a mob indifference never before seen in this country. Diversity and ‘tolerance’ now mean accepting any and all behavior, regardless of the completely immoral nature of it, or the great harm it causes, especially against the targeted children. So many heinous things are now considered the ‘norm,’ and due to astounding apathy, fear of rejection, and ostracism, most just pretend to see no evil and hear no evil, and do not speak out about the atrocities they are confronted with every day, which means that they are certainly condoning by silence, evil intent and actions.

The dominating aspects of any culture war create an aggressive and antagonistic atmosphere so steeped in anger, censorship, and hatred, that little actual civil conversation and debate can take place. What is lost in this madness, is the fact that we all have to live together, regardless if we agree or not about every ‘issue.’ But the bottom line remains the same; right and wrong matter, whether or not one chooses to concentrate on single or multiple feigned, and likely contentious, problems or opinions. We are all different, so expecting every other to agree with your position, no matter how passionate it may be for you, is ridiculous. In fact, it is downright ludicrous.

What is lost here, is the most starkly obvious aspect of this entire situation; and that is that all these conflicts are purposely manufactured by the State players who desire to distract you, so that the extreme tyranny they are practicing will go unnoticed. How better to rule over and control the masses, than to use propaganda and psychological maneuvering to pit all against all to such an extent, as to mask the real terror facing the hate-blinded proletariat? The right versus wrong argument becomes moot, because in this type of cultural battle, there can be no right or wrong. Once that level of insanity is set in place, total immorality, crime, violence, hostile attitudes, loss of compassion for all others, and gross indifference consumes all else. This will always lead to a win for the heinous State apparatus, and a loss for all the rest of us.

Everyone who accepts and participates in this circus of isolation and hate; the republicans and democrats, the bogus and farcical transgender crowd, the masters and the collective plebs, the so-called ‘woke’ among you, the race-baiters, the media whores, the sexes versus each other, the BLM and Antifa scum, all governments of course, and any and all who expect to gain respect by force or censorship, are completely responsible for this devastating declination of humanity. There are many to blame, but so long as any group can use politics in order to decide who wins and who loses, who gets favors, who gets funded at his neighbor’s expense, who gets legislative protection, and who gets to impose his will and desires on others, chaos and loss of liberty will be the prevailing outcome.

Transgenderism and homosexuality are not normal. Rioting is not normal. Censorship cannot be normal in any free society. Mutilation, perversion, and degeneracy are not normal. Exploiting children is not normal. Theft, looting, and property destruction are not normal. Mass homelessness is not normal. Abandoning and destroying family is not normal. It is impossible to blend all these things with all the good in life, and expect to retain any semblance of normalcy. Competing cultures of this magnitude have to completely separate in order to survive. In any case where unlimited ‘tolerance ‘and ‘diversity’ are demanded, and right and wrong have no meaning, no moral or compassionate ‘civilization’ can exist.

Therefore, it is my belief that the human species continually reinforces the insanity of man, using ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’ as excuses to alter the paradigms of good and evil so as to favor both equally

So what is the solution to our culture war ills? As always, there is only one real solution, and that is to rid the country of the major antagonist driving this wedge between us. The State and its governing corporate partners, the ruling class in other words, must be abolished in order for harmony to return. This could be done by mass secession, and preferably at every level of ‘governance.’ Then, competing cultures dependent on force, could go their way, while those of us seeking harmonious co-existence could go another.