What People Are Saying About MAP

The Museum of American Poetics is a virtual museum with holdings that are free and open to all. Our Exhibits celebrate the Great Diversity of Poets across Time and Space. Our Transmissions collection features some of the best writings on the Art of Poetry from the 20th and 21st centuries. Our in-house magazine, Napalm Health Spa, provides one of the best archived collections of Postbeat poetry anywhere. Occasionally, someone notices the depth and breadth of MAP and is moved enough to write about us. Here are a few examples of what people are saying about MAP.

"A Visionary Gateway for American and World Poetics: The Museum of American Poetics" by David Cope
Taking Giant Steps
27 January 2017

"The Museum of American Poetics: An Appreciation" by Kirpal Gordon
Home Planet News: Issue Two

20 June 2015

"Poetry Alive, Well on Boulder Website: Museum of American Poetics offers unique collection of influential poets online" by Aimee Heckle
Boulder Daily Camera
2 May 2015

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