Museum of American PoeticsExhibits

MAP exhibits showcase a range of nonconforming poetry traditions associated with activist dissent movements within the United States and around the globe. Individual galleries illustrate American roots in World Poetic Genius and feature legendary poets past and present.


International Exhibits

Old Globe Masterminds
20th Century International Bards

Diversity Exhibits

African American Poezee
American Indian Words Between Worlds
Asian/Pacific American Verse Beings (Wang Ping, Guest Curator)
Daughters of Stein
EuroAmerican Shapeshifters (David Cope, Guest Curator)
Ghost Rangers of the Wild
Golden Bodies
Invisible Empires of Beatitude (Andy Clausen & Pamela Twining, Guest Curators)
Latino/a Web Heads (Nancy Mercado, Guest Curator)
Middle Eastern American Poets (Ali Zarrin, Guest Curator)
Pioneer Masters
Postbeat Era
The Sexuals

Medium Exhibits

Audio Exhibit
Beat Generation Films
Postbeat Generation Films
Magnificent Rainbow: Kids Form Poems
Poets & Painters
Publishers (Dave Roskos, Ingrid Swanberg, Guest Curator)

Free Palestine!