Museum of American Poetics Exhibits

Poets & Painters

This exhibit focuses on the longstanding relationship described by Horace as "Ut pictura poesis" (As is painting, so is poetry).


Cave Painting
(Africa, Indonesia, Eurasia, Australia, the Americas; c. 38,000 BC - 3500 BC)

Sand Painting
(Tibet, Australia, Japan, the Americas; c. 30,000 BC - present)
    art poetry
The Long Conversation Between Painting and Poetry
(Rome/Italy, Greece, China, Persia/Iran, India, England, USA; 6th C BC - 20th C AD)
Horace: Ars Poetica
Horace: Ars Poetica
(Rome, 65 BC-8 BC)
The Three Perfections
(China, 618907)

Wang Wei
(China, 699-759)
    ma yuan
School of Literati Painting
(China, 11th, 12th Century)
Dante Gallery
(Italy, 1265-1321)
        Persian Miniature Painting
Persian Miniature Painting
( Persia, 14th Century)
    Ragamala Painting
Ragamala Painting
(India, 17th Century)
(Japan, 17th Century)
Phillis Wheatley's "To S.M., A Young African Painter, on Seeing His Works"
(USA, 1770)
William Blake
(England, 1757-1827)
    ny poets
Artists and Poets at a Table
(France, January 1, 1900)
(France, 1904-1920s)

Gertrude Stein & Family Art Collection
(France/USA, early 1900s)
        Marsden Hartley
Marsden Hartley
(USA, 1900s-1940s)
    1913 Armory Show
International Exhibition of Modern Art
(NYC Armory Show, USA, 1913)
    William Carlos Williams & Juan Gris
William Carlos Williams
& Juan Gris
(USA, 1914-1923)

(Switzerland, Germany, New York, Paris, 1914-1924)
Winold Reiss and the Harlem Renaissance
(Harlem, USA, 1920s)
John Heartfield/Anti-Nazi, Anti Fascist Art
(Germany, 1930s)

Pablo Picasso's "Guernica"
(Spain, Paris, 1937)
      Surrealist Writers
(France, 1924-1945)
"The Artists & Poets of the New York School"
(NYC, USA, 1950s)
On "On Seeing Larry Rivers' Washington Crossing the Delaware . . . ."
On "On Seeing Larry Rivers' Washington Crossing the Delaware..."
(NYC, USA, 1953, 1955)
Barbara Guest
Barbara Guest
(USA, 1950s-1960s)
  Paintings by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Paintings by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(San Francisco, USA, 1952-2009)

Letterist International
(Paris, 1952-1957)

Situationist International
(Europe, 1957-1972)
Wynn Chamberlain & NY School Poets
(USA, 1960s)
Andy Warhol: Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Andy Warhol: Exploding Plastic Inevitable
(NYC, USA, 1966-1967)

Andy Warhol Timeline
(USA, mostly 1960s-1970s)
Jean-Michel Basquiat
(USA, late 1970s-1980s)
"Frank O'Hara: Poet among Painters" by Marjorie Perloff
(USA, 1997)

Tribute to Graffiti Street Art
(USA, 2008)
      Eric Drooker-Allen Ginsberg:
Eric Drooker-Allen Ginsberg:
"Visualizing Madness: The Art of 'Howl'
(USA, 2010)

Stan Lee/Marvel Comics
(USA, 1940s-2010s)
Adam Pendleton/Black Dada
(USA, 2010s- )
  "An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle" (2014)
"An Opening of the Field:
Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle"
(USA, 2014)
"Psychedelic Poster Art Catalog"
by Randy Roark (USA, 2015)