Twentieth Anniversary Issue


p o e t r y   s t i m u l u s   p a c k a g e



Table of Contents


Ali Zarrin

Found Poem: Camp Speicher, Iraq

For Allen


Andy Clausen

Now We Won


Ariel Holden

The Filth Bucket

The old Villa Bella


Eliot Katz

Bail Out What?


Miho Kinnas

My Mother

On Buddhism

"Mama, Obento Bako"


Jack Hirschman

The George Oppen Arcane

The Friends Arcane


Lisa Birman

if everything were the Baltic Sea

of imagining

by daylight and not

what falls away (and where



So Far, So Good

Hard to Believe


Peter Cook & Kenny Lerner (Flying Words Project)

Soft Boiled Egg


Ingrid Swanberg






Prospero Saiz

Proem To Southern Athabascan Chant


Ron Rodriguez

Prelude in Boricua


Mulatta of the Antilles



Randy Roark

excerpts from LIT: From the Foreword

from Part I: Notes from The Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume I:

From Prehistory to 1800

Beowolf Faces Death

Shortly Before His Death, Geoffrey Chaucer Comes to His

Senses and Reclaims at Least The Parliament of Birds

When Love Ceased to Sing

What Love Said in Reply (for Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey)

Poem for the Moon

The Difficult Birth of Edmund Spenser’s Shadow

John Wilmot’s Lament: What Miracles We Harmless Lovers Wrought,

Who Knew Not What We Loved Nor Why

Christopher Marlowe’s Notes for a New Faust

William Shakespeare Imitating Christopher Marlowe

John Donne’s Complaynt


John Milton Takes Refuge in a Buddhist Monastery

So Rare a White (for Edmund Waller, Anne Bradstreet, and Richard Lovelace)

I’ve Loved as I Have Loved (for John Dryden)

Before My Life Began (for Thomas Traherne)

Alexander Pope Shoots from the Hip

Unquiet Dreams under Passing Stars (for William Wordsworth)


Far-Of Lights, Glittering (for Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

The Hyacinth Bride (for Edward Fitzgerald)

The Mystery of What We’ve Been and Why We’ve

Suffered (for Matthew Arnold)

My Sister (for Dante Gabriel Rosetti)

The Idle Singer on an Empty Day (for William Morris)

Resurrection (for Ernest Dowson)

For Any He Had Not Yet Written (for Wilfred Owen)

The Grammar of Myth (for Robert Graves)


Katie Yates

on sound

cupcake truck


David Cope

Annum Lyrae:  January to March

above shattered


Carmen Bugan

The rook

Making wine



Song of the Creatures


Sam Abrams

Mother Of A Trillion Orgasms

Did Robert Frost Ever Shit In The Woods?


Jeff Poniewaz

No More Jaguar Cats, Just Jaguar Cars

Pacific Life


Andre Codrescu

At The Laundromat: Story


James Ruggia

March 27, 2009

On Two lines by Gabirol

With Hopper and Reznikoff in Thailand


Lesléa Newman

First Love

The Wood Gatherer Speaks


Steve Silberman

Song at 4pm



Genevieve Legacy

In Life After


Jim Cohn

Interview by Randy Roark


Sarah Peters

Progress is the Bo-Tox of Everything
Dear Futurists:


Thomas R. Peters, Jr.

nineteen eighty-one

nineteen eighty-seven


Suzi Kaplan Olmsted

Both Named Marge


Peter Marti

Solstice, Hawaii

Those Three Damn Words

“The Old Canceroo, They Call It...”


Marc Olmsted

Insecurity Wisdom

Recent L.A. visit


Calm abiding

“Old policies, nothing but cops…”

Monday morning Spring 2009

headaches in progress



Rob Geisen

unrequited abstinence

love wakes up

in a shit nightmare world of tomorrow without you

One Second Chance


Timothy Weigand

Yellow Walkman

One Time


Dan Munoz

Mist in view

My Danish grandma


Sky Smith

A Night in Bangkok with a Werewolf


Kevin Hayes

Invisible Presence


Brendan Kirk

observations written today

sun ap 19




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