A Night in Bangkok with a Werewolf


Part One: SFOàBKK


Good Bye

SFO Jumbo

eating mold


like a scarce

olive- saxon


in a teaming sea

of air conditioning

Tao wuaa!

Shi shing yaa…”

I’m a grunt with

bond shades

writing loosely chaos

on mustang cowboy

Marlboro paper

waiting for noodles

and alien fruits in

far Siam.



When speaking

about Vampires,

part of me desires

leaf caked

lightning hair

bramble bush

feral banshee…


quite like

a desk lamp

crooked reading glass


“But a larger part

of me

really sucks blood”

claims the chocolate milk


with a crown of leaves


Fashion Strip

Fat Victorian

pink tiles

and cold, cotton candy

blue rug


every color in


landing strip

culture gangbang

transfer orgy

perfume runway

melting puddle

is golden arches

hot blood

jack’ O lantern

molasses and crude oil.


Nobody wears

CoCo Chanelle

uniform like that

outside of the airport


Most people here

live between flights

only existing for me

as phantom phashion

bleeding gender


runway dolls

fitting entire lives

into now memory

of American cynic

caught in a layover


City of Golden Gate

(needle junky

feather boa


oxycontin speedball

cocaine crutch

fusion meltdown

West Coast

Bay Sewer)




City of Humid Rotting Dogs

(land of

extra Baht

oil massafe

ok special deal

for you”

cheap elephant plastic

on dresser at home

in Feng Shui disaster


sticky rice nostalgia)



Coming down

off perpetual

bad coffee in small

paper cups—binge



vague, self absorbed

cultural brinksmanship

rambling critical anger

of youth poems

now I

grin, wild

much more wild now

with teeth in  smile

of processed

cartilage bones


at gate waiting

black chair

grey tile…

I see:

way too asian

cocaine hipster

sideways brown leather

studded conductor’s hat

big low metallic skull bling

and V-neck

Chinese Abercrombie

shirt under pre-skuffed blue jean suit jacket.

stands nervous

embarrassing snort

but not ashamed

enough to stop

friend from



snap shooting

as he is leaned against

fake wood

art display.

Neo-new edge replica

straight out of

nylon culture

teletubby rock and roll

art zine

I got

at the news stand

$10 USD

on cover says

“Too Fast to Live

Too Young to Die”


white letters

on red background

over black speed metal skull


Recall shopping bags

pervasive in

Taeyuon Intl’ Airport

scrawled with

inescapable block letters





On {Big dark shades,

American Chinese Dragon

step railing slide}

strut over to

black chair by gate

I saw Big Poster


sugar coated food coloring

dietary supplement

candy garbage

“Inspire Their Imagination”

root canal

future diabetic

Little Brother

child smiles

like first hit of crack

with look in eyes

that say

I am

Ever Rich




I.                    Grumpy Fat

Atkins diet

business men

buy sex in bottles


Duty Free liquor stores


II.                 Soon Cum

call order brides

that love them


III.               Blood smash

Yakuza drug trade

14 y/o

in kimono

waiting for shining armor

tacky-lipstick sponsor

where was father?


Part Two: Sangklaburri


P. Guest House

I.          Early wake

upon sloping


reservoir paradise

P. Guest House


at 300 Baht per

cloud bed night

less than $10 USD


morning yellow mist

with whisper temple-speak

between Thai attendants,

French honey-mooners

and philanthropic

Hawaiian hill tribe cousins



Bizarrely  unabrasive


of watered down

ritual pop Thai music

and bump and grind

MTV American Singles

weave across reservoir

between hammering peasants

with occasional motorboat solos

in a soft blare

that could not describe this

feeling any better


II.                 Golden Robe


blue rubber slippers

Thai monk ascends


large river stone

aggregate staircase

that flows continuous

up walls of two dozen

chambers we rent

as if Kings

and where we go

for breakfast

on patio with

stone furniture

and glowing, transparent

local staff


On porch of room 6

feet up on smooth

drift wood railing

laid back

hand crafted chair

and leather bound journal


off now to rent

six dollar per day

motor bike w/ picnic basket

Bamboo clearing with machete

at orphanage in half hour