N  a  p a  l  m     H  e  a  l  t  h     S  p  a  :     R  e  p  o  r  t     2  0  0  9






Insecurity Wisdom

after Alan Watts


Phonebook through the plate glass of my warehouse loft stuck suspended by bookcase behind pull-down shade, freeze frame, a Batman comic panel, tossed by ghetto wild boys in nihilistic laughter –

Buddha texts inside still in place, Buddha head smiling


Unemployment soars, street homeless increase

my wife chose this storefront

I’d prefer a bunker like when visiting junkie genius writer Burroughs’ NYC converted YMCA steel door’d – even recent visit to Buddhist center 2007 Bowery 30 years from that other New York time they buzzed you in liquor store camera checking you before the rickety stairs –


My black metal collapsible baton & pepper spray hardly enough for Oakland

But who wants robo-cop Blackwater shutdown?


People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t






Recent L.A. visit


Afternoon sprinklers

go off in unison

down the white concrete block

watering a lurid green strip of lawn

in front of identical Valley condos –

Bleached-out taco stands 

flanked by Jurassic palm trees CGI’d

in perfect duplicate –

Pink glow dusk horizon

a Disney atom blast –

TV’s Flying Nun was in Gelson’s Market at night

in sweats w/ a facelift –

At LAX airport it is harder to leave than arrive








Posing in morn sun

the young white man’s surly thoughts




GOT JESUS? says his cap

black man slumped asleep


Summer day above ground

Last glimpse into the tunnel




Blue green gum bubble from her ghetto lips




Shaved skull gleaming

in mushroom light

dark concrete tunnel home




BUM LIFE graffiti w/ syringe cartoon

- troglodyte notes at the mouth of the crater

where I come up from transit to work






Calm abiding


Black legless


on wheelchair

with motor

& plastic tube of urine


 still mountain






 “Old policies, nothing but cops…”


graffiti announces near grassy lot a Latino derelict disappears in the veldt – cops roll past me eyeballing – suspect in my own neighborhood – living in Oakland I’d be dead before they arrive –

cop bar up the street, out front slattern women groupies braying Elizabeth Taylor blousy Virginia Wolf cigarettes whipping about, loud motorcycles driving home drunk –

Motorcycle cops shot at a traffic citation – itchy fingered war – our very own Blackwater op security “shoot ‘em all, let God sort them out” 13th Century Pope Innocent III might’ve said this Crusade


First new rule: don’t hire cops who want to be cops






Monday morning Spring 2009


Silver Mercedes sharp new cruiser slides into the gated lot, imperious –

the streets are broken down, feral skate punks find every battered strip of curb metal to surf, daring traffic, pavement bone crack –

dull filthy linoleum of the BART train floor to work






headaches in progress


Rustling his paper like a ghoul –

Shouting in her self-phone explosion entering the train car –

Grey bear black man stately beaten down eyes

Faces that are headaches in progress –

Her teeth in braces horrible fangs










Drowsed in your chemo bath, the fleshy pods cut –

the body cavity soaked

in nuclear tides of Zemo rays (I made that up)

what dreams, Nancy,

your lamas hovering golden-lit w/ instructions?


Peter writes e-mail “surgery thoughts” –

your husband fighting crazy mind


while you dream, drift chemical clouds, hallucinated cancer & husband




coming out of BART, clear-skied light drizzle, I see brief rainbow auspicious






Cauterized, cleansed of the bad flesh!


Ventilator in your face you write feisty notes!

Mary Shelly chained! Lightbringer! 

Zeus’ angry eagle once sent daily to eat yr liver…

Luxfere! Luck-be-a-lady!

…beak of cancery worms!




I sit before you gray flattened body propped in hospital bed

Half-dozen lama photos taped where you can see

No jokes yet from your clever mouth pursed in discomfort

(Peter, shambler, drained)


Tea to Tibetan protectors down the white sink drain

You’ll be o.k.

Plenty of time for us all to trade places –

A Swedish nurse that slams into my chair, broken English’d,

coming & going