Nap alm†††† Health†††† Spa:†††† Report†††† 2009






Mother Of A Trillion Orgasms


††††††††††† (Her Day September 14)


Holy Margaret Sanger

Patron Saint of Orgasm


who first freed sexual pleasure

from association

with reproduction


before birth control

how many million women

died in childbed


how many husbands became

ďthe blandly unconscious

murderers of those they loved

and had pledged themselves

to protectĒ


murdered by the urges

of loving husbands


millions billions

now saved by Margaret Sanger

who freed sexual pleasure

in a practical way


so practical those women

the foremothersthe founding sisters

Margaretís loving buddies

Susan B Elizabeth Cady


the motto on their banner



same motto asthe wobblies

International Workers of the World


one of the great foremothers

one of the founding sisters

abolitionist suffragist

anti-imperialist free-thinker



so let us today

rememberpraise and thank


Holy Margaret Sanger

for the blessings she bestowed

for the lives she has saved

for the joy she has brought


Saint of the Orgasm

Glory Glory Glory




Did Robert Frost Ever

Shit In The Woods?


all the spots along these roads

i know


††††††††††† where to pull off park

scoot into the brush squat AH and shit AH

i pick spots where mountain maple grows

with big soft leaves my favored wild arsewipe

much better than snow


((tho at age 74

even at 10 below

still tough enough

to wipe w/ snow

if i gotta


feel sure iíve shit this spot before

and before me others left traces

among therusty beer cans

under the leaf litter



no shit like a squatting shit

cleans guts best


borrowed nutrients


to forest compost


by the livingforest compost


microbe insect worm helpers


to Earth

from Earth

from Earth

to Earth


birth re



thatís the shit story

glory glory glory