Once neo-objectivist protege of Allen Ginsberg, Carl Rakosi and others, David Cope has published 6 books, the latest Turn the Wheel (Humana, 2003). 1988 Award in Literature, American Institute and Academy of Arts and Letters. Editor & publisher, Big Scream, 1974-present, publishing poets ranging from the legendary and famous to those barely free of academia: the focus is on demotic clarity, attention to detail and depth & complexiy of emotion, as well as visionary spirit-political honesty. Cope teaches Women’s Studies, Shakespeare, drama, and creative writing at Grand Rapids Community College. Archive: David Cope Papers at University of Michigan Special Collections Library. Married 37 years as of 2007 (damn, we made it), 3 kids, now growing daily toward death and enjoying every moment of it: PEACE to you all and may we all wake to save the planet, kiss & make up, honor your heart & your neighbor's heart in these dark days of Kali Yuga — as Allen said,"compassion and generosity."


Hard Working Blues

Blood Phantoms Endless Night

Tiananmen Square Sequence

For Billy

Abandoned City Sequence

The Rhododendron

For Allen

Tender Petals for Calm Crossing

The Dharma at Last

For Carl Rakosi and Robert Creeley

Frail Dreams

Iraq War Sequence

His Perfect Form

Love and Time

Planet Memory

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The Making of Two Poems

Play and Turn the Wheel: Midlife Poetics


David Cope's Photo Gallery

The Gone World Still Parading Thru My Dream

Big Manistee April

Our Garden

Owashtanong Bike Rides

The Poets

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Sky Spread Out With Stars


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David Cope Papers

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