David Cope:  Works and Publications


*Starred manuscripts and/or books and related materials are on file as "David Cope Papers" in  archive at the Special Collections Library, The University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI; Kathryn L. Beam, curator. Substantial collections of issues of Big Scream are also available at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library, and at the New York Public Library.


Poetry Books:


Early Poems.  88 pages, unpubl.

Quiet Lives.  Foreword by Allen Ginsberg.  Totowa, New Jersey:  Humana, 1983 pages.*

                On The Bridge.  Totowa, New Jersey: Humana, 1986.  88 pages.*

            Fragments from The Stars.  Totowa, New Jersey:  Humana, 1990.  119 pages.*

            Coming Home.  Totowa, New Jersey:  Humana, 1993.  119 pages.*

            Silences for Love.  Totowa, New Jersey:  Humana, 1998.  119 pages. *

            shine darkly:  the selected poems of David Cope:  1975-2000.  unpubl.  180 pages. 

            Turn the Wheel.  Totowa, New Jersey:  Humana, 2003.  88 pages.*




Selected Letters 1992-1999. with index of correspondents and notes. unpubl.  139


            The Signing Space:  Interview and Letters.  with Jim Cohn.  unpubl. 153 pages.*

            Canon Debate:  Multiculturalism & The Canon.  with Edward Jayne III.  (1996)

unpubl. 97 pages.*

Canon Debate II:  Inclusion & Materialism.  with Edward Jayne III.  (1997-98)

unpubl. 166 pages.*

            Canon Debate III:  Skepticism, Syntactic Risk, and The Impeachment Hearings..

with Edward Jayne III.  (1998-99).  unpubl. 152+ pages (in progress).

            New Letters:  1997-present.  unpubl. 162+ pages (in progress).          


Academic and Literary Essays:


            The Blue Notebook:  Early Autobiographical and Literary Essays.  unpubl.  81


            Book One:  Dante & Chaucer.  unpubl.  175 pages.

            Book Two:  Shakespeare & His Contemporaries.  unpubl.  352 pages. 

            Book Three:  Paradiso X:  "L'Amor che l'uno e l'altro etternalmente spira."  unpubl.

114 pages.*

            Book Four:  Julius Caesar:  The Political Text in Performance.  unpubl.  83 pages.

Book Five:  Multiculturalism & The Canon.  unpubl. 161 pages.

            Book Six:  Miscellaneous Essays, Mostly Medieval.  unpubl.  92 pages.

            Renaissance Drama Plot Outlines.  unpubl. 89 pages.

            Ghost Dances:  The Prose Writings of David Cope.  unpubl. 154 pages.


As Editor:


            Big Scream.  poetry journal, 45 issues publ. Grand Rapids:  Nada, 1974-2006 (ongoing).*   

            The Roaring Girl, or Moll Cutpurse.  by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker. 

with introduction.  Grand Rapids:  Grand Rapids Community College, 1996.  77 pages.*     

Nada Poems.  anthology of poets  Grand Rapids:  Nada, 1998.  128 pages.* 

A Poet's Sourcebook.  anthology of poems. Second ed.  Grand Rapids:  Grand Rapids

Community College, 1997, 2004. 219 pages.*

Sunflowers & Locomotives:  Songs for Allen.  in memoriam Allen Ginsberg.  Grand

                        Rapids:  Nada, 1997.  58 pages.*




Course materials for Cope's Shakespeare classes.  The Shakespeare Project. 



David Cope Homepage.  The Museum of American Poetics



David Cope Papers.  Special Collections Library.  The University of Michigan.

http://mirlyn.lib.umich.edu :  enter David Cope Papers.  Several collections will come up; select mine and click.  At the top of the catalogue entry, click on Finding Aid, and the contents of the collection will come up. 


"Fran" and other poems.  The Pier.  Bob Rixon's online zine.



"October Surprise:  An Absurd Reverie."  The Woodstock Journal October Surprise Project.



Poems in Napalm Health Spa (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002)  David Cope Homepage (scroll to bottom and click):  http://www.poetspath.com/exhibits/cope/


"Shakespeare in Love course notes."  LehrerInnen Fortbildung-Baden-W¸rttemberg.



"Shakespeare in Love course notes."  .Steven Marx Homepage. 



Three essays on renaissance drama.  Essays and Articles in Early 17th Century Literature  (search under Jonson, Dekker, or Middleton): http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/sevenessay.htm


Small Press and Anthology Publication (1975-2005):


The Pushcart Prize II:  Best of the Small Presses; City Lights Journal #4; New Directions Anthology #37; Blind Alley, In The Light, Windows in The Stone; Delirium; The World; Roof, Bombay Gin; New Blood; Ferro Botanica; Wonderland; Voices; The Grand Rapids Press; Long Shot; Friction #5/6 (obscure genius issue edited by Allen Ginsberg); Action; Pay Up Dead Beat; Ahnoi; Planet Detroit; La Voz; The NewYork Quarterly; WFMU 91.1 FM (New Jersey); Poetry Flash; Lactuca; LSA (University of Michigan); The Underground Forest; We; Big Fireproof Box; Big Hammer; Black Swan Review; The Grand Rapids College Review; Napalm Health Spa; Lame Duck; The St. Mark's Poetry Project Newsletter; The Michigan Council of Teachers of English (November 1985);  Best Minds:  Festschrift for Allen Ginsberg (anthology ed. Bill Morgan and Bob Rosenthal.  New York:  Lospecchio, 1986); Vajradhatu Sun; Headcheck Number Four; Heaven Bone; WSLU (Canton, New York); Indefinite Space; Big Fish; Disembodied Poetics: Annals of the Jack Kerouac School (incl. The Declaration of Interdependence); Shambala Sun; The Cafe Review; The Wayne Literary Review; The Ann Arbor Poetry Forum; The Brooklyn Review, Hazmat, Bill Freeman's Magazine; Louisiana Review; Poems for the Nation (anthology ed. Allen Ginsberg, Andy Clausen, Eliot Katz.  New York:  Seven Stories, 2000); Van Gogh's Ear (Paris); Visiting Walt:  Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Walt Whitman (anthology ed. Sheila Coghill and Thom Tammaro.  Iowa City:  Iowa U P, 2003); The Woodstock Journal “October Surprise” online issue; Rattapallax; The Chiron Review, Poems to Live By in Troubling Times (anthology ed. Joan Murray.  Boston:  Beacon P, 2006); Sins and Felonies (anthology ed. G. F. Korreck, foreword by Walt Lockwood.  Grand Rapids:  Barbaric Yawp P, 2007); Presa 1 and 2, and The Grand Rapids Press (“A Well-Versed Man,” by Beth Loechler, with Cope’s poem “The Rhododendron,” J1, 9 April 2006); prose memento celebrating Allen Ginsberg, “Allen in Memory,” published in The Paterson Literary Review 35, Paterson, New Jersey.