David Cope Photo Gallery

David Cope, 1972
West Saugerties, NY
Photo by Gary Schmidt

Susanne Cope, Early 70's
Photo by Gary Schmidt


Anne, Will, David and Jane Cope
Cope House, Grandville, MI

David Cope and Allen Ginsberg, 1983
New York

David Cope, Andy Clausen, and James Ruggia, March 1983
Hoboken, NJ
Photo by Sharon Guynup

Chris Funkhouser, Steven Taylor, Allen Ginsberg and Chris Ide
Boulder, July 16, 1987
Photo by Steve Miles

David Cope and Carmen Bugan, March 1994
In Cope's Greenhouse
Photo by Jeff Poniewaz

David Cope, Scraping Back of House, Early 80's


Jeff Poniewaz and Cope


James Ruggia
Photo by Sharon Guynup

Eliot Katz
Photo by Deborah Pohl


Cope at Work, Grand Rapids Community College


Anne Waldman, Spring 1992
Grand Rapids, MI
Photo by Darlene Kaczmarczyk

Steve Silberman
Photographer unknown

Antler, Jim Cohn, and David Cope, 1994
Fourth of July Trail, Indian Peaks, CO

Bob Rixon, 1983
Photo by Sharon Guynup

Morgan Jarema, 1992
Photo by Darlene Kaczmarczyk

Allen Ginsberg and Steven Taylor, Boulder, July 1989
Photo by Chris Funkhouser

Michael Pingarron, near Saltillo, Mexico
Photo by Sharon Guynup

Nina Zivancevic, 1983
Photo by Sharon Guynup


Cope & the Boys, 2007 photo by William Cope

Cope at Women in the Arts Reading, 2006 photo by Jason LaVelle


Cope with daughter Jane at her graduation party, 2005 photo by Scott Baisden


Cope with son William after My Fair Lady, 2006 photo by Charles Cope


At 2006 Anishnabe blessing ceremony, photo by Jason LaVelle

Photo by Scott Baisden

Photo by Scott Baisden

Photo by Scott Baisden