H e a r t   S o n s   &   H e a r t   D a u g h t e r s   of   A l l e n   G i n s b e r g

N a p a l m   H e a l t h   S p a :   R e p o r t   2 0 1 4 :   A r c h i v e s   E d i t i o n






In Silence


hour after hour

they waited in the ER,

expecting the onrush


of wounded & maimed––

yet there were only

firefighters with


smoke inhalation,

cuts & bruises, hour after

hour, the minutes


ticking away, the dust not

even settled, filling

the winter garden palm


court where no

wounded walked nor

rescuers bore the maimed,


only the silence &

the realization at last

that none would come


thru the open door,

beyond the shrieks & sighs

& the endless roar.



[Originally published in NHS 2002, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs02/cope.html.]