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Blowjob Skull In Eternity


The skull that loved to give blowjobs 

rests underground 

with jaw fallen off. 

It will exist as a skull longer than it did 

as a face. 

The mandible will be off the skull 

longer than it was on,

Longer than the face ever thought of itself as a face 

or as a face on a skull 

on a skeleton. 

The skull lasts longer than the boyhood face, 

longer than it thought of itself 

as a boyloving head

it will be a skull. 

Your skull lasts longer than your name. 

Your skull lasts longer than your brain. 

The amount of time you spent sucking cocks in your life 

juxtaposed to your skull 

is like a mayfly compared to a sequoia. 

Cocksucker in Eternity liking to think of yourself 

as a Cocksucker in Eternity, 

what are you most after all 

but a skull? 



[Originally published in NHS 1998, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs98/antler.html.]