Where the two-story house was torn down

	to expand the gradeschool playground

		last fall

Now children on recess play--

Little do they know 20 years ago

	two 20-year-old young men who lived there

		delighted in sucking off there

	the 15-year-old boy who loved it.

Invisibly, above the children's heads,

Above their game of kickball, the ghost

	of the apartment hovers, the ghosts

		of two passionate cocksucking mouths

	simultaneously gulping balls, asshole and spurting

		boydick hover, hover

	above their childhood, childhoods

		that've yet to learn

	of the staggering reality of

		blowjobs given

	to teenage boys who are curious

		and anxious to experience

	two suckoffs in a row

		one flowery spring afternoon.

Such passion the boy actually fainted and

	for two minutes couldn't speak or move,

		a look of ecstasy lingering

	on his face. . . .

Now birds fly through the air

	where the young men's experienced blowjob zen

		performed and youngspunk spurted

	hot long and deep in boysemen-hungry mouths.

Hover, hover as a hawk hovers over its prey

	before it dives,

		so the invisible memory of

	fellatio joy buoys in the air

		above prepubescent heads,

hovering and plunging with pleasure talons

		to grip the soon-to-be sexdream

	passionate puberty brains. . . .

Little do they know, above them

	hovering boyblowjob ghosts

		commemorate still after 20 years

	the combined joy of two youngmen cocksuckers

		blowjobbing their 15-year-old cute boyfriend.

Tired, O tired of "cocksucker

	having a negative connotation,

Of persons demeaned and degraded

	by being called cocksucker,

As if it was something awful to be,

	something you should be

		ashamed of,

	loathsome, repugnant, sleazy,

When it turns out it's the reverse,

	exactly the opposite.

Speak the word cocksucker clearly,

	proudly, sweetly, kindly, warmly

		the way a child says

	mommy, daddy, Jesus.

Let the word cocksucker replace the word God

	for 2000 years to make up for 2000 years

		Christianity believed

	cocksucking a sin.

Let the word cocksucker replace the word soldier

	to make up for all the cocksuckers

		killed by soldiers

	screaming "cocksucker!"

Let the word cocksucker replace the word sucker

	so that instead of a mother telling her son

		"I'll give you a sucker if you're good"

	a mother telling her boy

		"I'll give you a cocksucker if you're good."

Bring babies to see a boy's cock being sucked off.

Bring old men and women in wheelchairs to see

	a boy's cock being sucked off.

Bring the just-dead into a room

	where passionate 69 is taking place

		because hearing is the last sense to go

	and you want to honor the just-dead

		with the slurping sounds of cute boys

	who are serious about each other.

Let a boy's cock being sucked off be the minister

	who conducts the wedding service

		and asks the questions

	of the bride and groom

		to which they replay "I do"

	and then kiss each other

		in front of everyone.


The skull that loved to give blowjobs

	rests underground

		with jaw fallen off.

It will exist as a skull longer than it did

	as a face.

The mandible will be off the skull

	longer than it was on,

Longer than the face ever thought of itself as a face

	or as a face on a skull

		on a skeleton.

The skull lasts longer than the boyhood face,

	longer than it thought of itself

		as a boyloving head

	it will be a skull.

Your skull lasts longer than your name.

Your skull lasts longer than your brain.

The amount of time you spent sucking cocks in your life

	juxtaposed to your skull

		is like a mayfly compared to a sequoia.

Cocksucker in Eternity liking to think of yourself

	as a Cocksucker in Eternity,

		what are you most after all

	but a skull?

New studies reveal

Male babies get erections in the womb

	on the average of five times a day.

Deeper inside their Mother is their little fetus boner

	than their actual Father's manly stud-meat

		can penetrate.

Closer to their Mother's heart

	is their little fetus boner

		than their Father's actual giant hard-on

	ever comes.

Too bad, too bad a Father can't have

	the miniature living boner on his unborn son

		inside him,

	or the miniature living vagina of his unborn daughter

		inside him.

Too bad a Father can't give birth to a penis 

	from his penis

		the way a Mother can give birth

	to a vagina from her vagina.

If you had time-machine X-ray vision

	you could see inside your Mother

		pregnant with you,

	the little baby-to-be-that-is-you

		has a boner.

Not till now does it dawn on you

You really had erections before you were born,

That your penis was alive and excitable

	before you even knew what a boy or girl was,

		before you ever saw your face or penis,

	before you ever saw the outside world

		or had a name or a personality

	or daydreamed being a bard,

		your little member went from limp to hard

	a thousand times

		inside your Mother.