Recipe Poems 
“Recipe” poems take off on the delightful language found in cookbooks.

       by Arthur J, age 11

My Very Own Recipe
I have a recipe
A very small recipe
But I just can't get it right, you see, for this is what it is
Mix together a tree with a bumblebee
And all the zoos in the world, with cow moos
Dessert is very oblong
With a very weird sour sour taste
A computer is best, but don't forget a vest
With polkadot spots on it
Blend together, mix together, everything you can think of
Add a blob of grass, a big glob or blob of grass
But wait
You need music, tons of low but soft music
When do you serve it? I don't know, but first
Make a deer napkin, with a lot of dishware
My tools with leaves are very tasty, but
Don't forget the cheese
The temperature is very fast, only 10,000 for 1 hour or 2
My brother hates it but I serve it to him anyway
My sister says she loves it but after she eats it
She goes to the bathroom
It has dirt and mud in it but I like it so very much
BUT my mom won't let me make it, my recipe—
     Add pennies, nickles, toenails, dimes, grease, gas, a
     bass, grass, puzzles, muffins, bottles, quarters, fire,
     tabasco sauce, fried pears and lemon cores, and add
     25,000 pieces of chalk. Cook for the longest time. Enjoy.

          — Jenny Hawkins, 4th