The lune (rhymes with "moon") is an American haiku form invented and named by poet Robert Kelly who experimented and settled on a thirteen-syllable form arranged 5/3/5 in three lines. Jack Collom's version for kids taught the form as 3/5/3 words, not syllables.

   “Horse”   by Auriel O., age 4

             As darkness unfolds
             the man with the knife
             cuts his potatoes.

                 — Anonymous, high school


        When you look
        at a snowman too long
        it comes alive.

            — Ian Gott, 1st


      Here I am
      in the dark purple tulips
      riding a horse.

          — Angela Prange, 2nd


     Go to Heven.
      If it's nice, call me.
      I'll be there.

          — Jennifer Leyden, 3rd


Something bothers me
but I don't know what
it is yet.

        — Michael Parmer, 3rd