“I Remember” Poems    

Based on the book by Joe Brainard,"I remember" poems are such an obvious idea that people wonder why they didn't think of it themselves. Simply write entries that begin with the words "I remember."

        Rachel E., age 4


I remember the forest with trees so thick and tangled the ground was
painted with one, big, cold shadow.
      I remember playing with the skin that hung from my great-grandma's
arm and being told not to do it again.

          — Phelan Earp, 7th

I remember when I was at my grandma's and my grandpa and I and my
aunt and my cousin went to a great big pond and fished. I caught a big one
and gutted it and digged my hands all in it and saw the eggs and got my
hands all bloddy and my mom took a picture and I put it in a bag and now
I can look at it.

          — Terry Christensen, 1st