Going-inside Poems  

“Going-inside" poems are a powerful way of expressing ideas and feelings within ourselves and the world around us that might otherwise remain unspoken, unwritten, or undiscovered.

 “Pretty House”
    by Tayler, age 5

I would like to go into a rock, shiny walls of color, prisms of light, coolness
of winter, warmth of summer, scenes of water as you splash into the salty
sea of clear crystal water stream, a soft blanket of algae grows green, grow-
ing enchanged forest of a secret golden mystery of roses, bright in summer and
vines in winter of gold gold shimmering bright in the middle of the night,
or lightning bolts shocking me, summer picnic smells enchanting me, visions
of clouds oh so high, angels flying hails, and all brightness of day, darkness
of the night, mysterious shadows of eyes looking at me, an old schoolhouse
with farmlands wide and the changing things, history gone by but I stay the
same. Feelings of dungeon close by.

          — Joanna Luckey, 3rd