A chant is a poem of no fixed form, but in which one or more lines are repeated over and over. It is usually meant to be read aloud.

  “The Cat” by Sasha M., age 10

Cats go crazy
                                    Cats go crazy like
Cats go crazy like me
                                    Cats like
Cats like to
                                    Cats like to go
Catslike to go crazy
                                    Cats like to go
Cats like to go downtown
                                    Cats like to
Cats like to drive
                                    Cats like to drive cars
Cats like to drive a car but bang boom crash
                                                          Cats like to
Cats like to wreck
                                    Cats like to wreck into
Cats like to wreck into you
                                                          Cats like people
Cats like people to
                                    Cats like people to scratch
Cats like kids
                                    Cats like kids to
Cats like kids to play
                                    Cats like kids to play with
Cats are dead because they got in so many wrecks

          — Crystal Jensen, 4th