Some folks must have criteria to base their decision whether to reward the words they read and hear, some, figure they'll take a spiritual or intuitive path and rely on their heart, which they reckon is some compassionate and knowing emotional center identified for thousands of years with the organ of blood pumping, that exists in mammals. Others buy into, even develop, systems, to distinguish their literature from the common in a manner that is insured by the accredited acclaimed high priests of the deity that has the capital to buy the force that makes bits of paper stronger than flesh. These force protected insurers of language certify the author's words are special with or without meaning, and should be compensated with props and bread What tools are available so these judgements, these choices that fashion and censor our literature, be consistent? The primary is scansion, the naming and realization of the grammar and underlying grammar of sentences, which are the structure hence nomenclature of Breaths complete unto themselves, to the last morpheme and phoneme, adhering to the rules of innate grammar, that which we are born with. I do not have to worry about that I travel with the beyond this world, I follow understanding through the primal way, disciplined as all are disciplined, by the years. I am with the free thinkers, how that be wrong? Even when I do not live worthy of freedom, how can freedom of the mind be wrong? That's why I can write anything I want to, as long as my perception satisfies the criteria of my every experience I hear in the music from the most ancient place. The more we have of our own minds, the more we open up to, the possibilities, that will sanctify, that is juice us to an understanding beyond information retrieval. This understanding comes from keeping purpose in life. This issues from keeping the beat, true to the most noble intention you know, the knowledge you can not lie to yourself about, that most intimate conversation with the self emanating from the dervishing molecule, exuding from ideoblastic struggle. It is a lesson: accept suffering as time spent, but never accept there is no way beyond suffering. The matters of the spirit, the real mind, cannot be separated from the text for long, if at all. It's simple: I'm sure, I know how a competent mind and incompetent mind would read or hear what I write or say and that I'm actually writing or reciting what I desire as far as I know how this language has worked in the past and been imagined in the future is all I can do.Let you or someone more competent judge if it is art, whether you want to read it or recommend it, I will not let your concerns torture my words. We talk our own talk, it's a miracle, but a common one, therefore underappreciated. Arbitrary contrary, often hairy, when we value, we rarely question the value of value, we become complicated for reasons of grandeur, code, fear justified ego. We become complicated and rigid and partially united like an all-the-whilegiggling-through- suicide -bible-gun-backed-interpretation -financial-expression of culture.We imitate strength by oppression and harbor not questioning of our validity. You can sense why there is an anger in the revolutions of grammar, syntax, pronunciation, discovery, not really experimentation, more like exploring.The revolutions occuring in subject matter are inhabited with germs of non-human made genetic change in the morphemes donning the garb of phonemes and rhythmic non toxic intoxications, known as verse, and I know you know what I mean as well asl know anything. Whether it is displayed or not, without humore we are like a proverb that fulfills its death wish. Attitudes do not & will not change because academics offer tolerance. There is no stopping the dialectrical (stet) escape plotting impulse of language without criminal applications of money. Money's worse than evil when it lets itself be used to wound hurt dominate humiliate work to unhappiness for millions of Other, when it maintains and rules language though force and then delivers the profits to those who realize the intelligence to be rewarded is the one which recognizes what language is most desired by the god of this world, which is the power to affect and end the lives,loves, and pain of the many. It has become an organic God, money has, and I really should capitalize it, not only because it's all about capital, but because I will not say; for it's ears are everywhere. It has driven minds that in more exciting times would not spend their days in scholastic labor figuring out what is not being said. Some think sufficient has been stated, some protest that there is already enough, well, that's all well and good. You can't tell someone something they don't already know. Just as the type of hand or color or page or punctuation of verse and not verse metamorphose the meaning, the pronunciation, the breath pattern, body and facial expression certainly mold and innovate the oral meaning. Often what is seen as an assault on grammar Is an expansion. Neologisms, slang, the nonce, the argot that attempts exclusion of those who shouldn't know the plans of law breakers, the natural syntax based on something like if aint got that swing it don't mean a thing, these are the language warden's greatest enemies.The established power of money possessed law, rules the world of lexicon, a great precision is afforded it. But metaphor and rhythm of new grammar propagating body music poetry yarn spinning new scripture epiphanies and rebirths belong to migrant rebellious disenfranchised. Belong to fed up renegades and revolutionaries, the ones who are not content, the whacked, the downtrodden , the mothers trying to keep family together, the heroic ones that move their bodies through the everyday streets of fellaheen commerce.