from SLICES                                                                                               JACK COLLOM
Never before was Dung-beetle confronted with such a problem.
Our little Spaceship earth is only 8,000 miles in diameter.
Dangerous supposing that breakfast comes from the grocery.
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright in the forests of the night,
The purplish-brown disk is constantly heaving & falling.
Concentrate one's own form, holding every automorphism.
I can see only the small pool of light which it makes.
And we cannot stop this controlling unless we vanish.
The obligation to endure gives us the right to know:
One cannot pluck a flower without troubling a star.
A reckless gutting of resource for quick "profit."
But the word Environment.  Such a bloodless word!
Small birds rise up in the road ahead, startled.
A high metabolic rate is a supreme achievement.
We seem to be caught in the mythic structures.
And I have something to expiate: A pettiness.
To decipher the Egypt of every being's face.
Computer terminals connected to Everything.
Why do these curves along the road vanish?
"Fish that have a pebble in their heads."
Some (lizards) are colored like the sky.
What is that man doing, feeding ghosts?
Realism did not catch the imagination.
If the dogs kill animals we eat them.
 ECO-LIT                       Or that a cat should play with mice.
Erthe laide erthe in erthen throgh.
Lighting on my head and shoulders,
Pigeon on the grass alas and the,
But no peasant owned eight oxen.
making deserts deserts deserts.
"Papa will give us a new one."
And here come the black ants.
Brooks flow with meadow tea.
Divide Light if you dare--.
Cased in rough brown peel.
A faint sound I question,
Whole landscape flushes.
Those empires imploded.
A bird from somewhere.
Time is construction.
Vast Chain of Being.
Mammalian popcorn,
Darwinian beauty.
Let's eat stars.
Muscled ribbon.
On the moon.
Uti - uti.
A mirror.
A thing.

*It might be that we are all tattooed savages since Sophocles.*
.A world not conceived by an absolute-- shattered: on a book.%
(Sometimes Foucault globally rejects the language of reason.)
*The analyst must utilize the same language as the patient.*
(We would have to choose, then, between writing and dance.)
*Better still when letters are no longer figures of fire.!
(Structure is perceived through the incidence of menace.)
(Crises of reason in complicity with crises of madness.*
*I have tried to-attempt-to-say-the-demonic-hyperbole.!
?Have we fully understood the sign itself, in itself??
@Each noema supposes possibility of noema generally.@
(There is no insurance against the risk of writing.)
(Meaning becomes meaning by differing from itself.*
&There is a transcendental & preethical violence.&
!Of madness itselfItself.  Of madness itself.#
-I assume that the greek logos had no contrary.-
(Of general censorship of the text in general!)
1First of all, is there a history of silence?0
2Along the lines of the Hegelian Entzweiung.1
.The enigma of presence "pure and simple":.-
0"A universe to be added to the universe."0
-Grace can only be that which is missing.-
(The essential shadow of the undeclared.)
½Between the explicit and the implicit.½
!Parched woman drinking the inky dust.!
.Unified foundations of dissociation.0
#Syntax, or, if you will, its labor.@
JACQUES DERRIDA                -Freud set them off against poetry.-
     -Beauty, which is value and force.-
WRITING AND DIFFERENCE           -A certain sin of explicationism.%
                -But metaphor is never innocent.-
."Behold, here is a new table."-
-Space of the stage of dreams.-
(Servile matter or excrement.#
*Husserl has been sensitive.*
.Be an object (Gegenstand)..
-If it recedes one day....-
(Books live on aloneness.)
&Invoking an energetics.*
½In praise of Dionysus?!
-Writing is inaugural.-
(Space is repression.)
-La parole soufflé.-
$Fill his entrails.$
#Enigma of flesh.#
-If we consider.-
*Lapsus calami.*
:Act of force.!
*For example.:
"The Savage."