black & blues your blue suede shoes and blank haikus to youse and use seneca falls on montezuma restless & tired & wired on coffees & sodas & buddhas that screwed us out of a living cheated of my death beaten and bereft of breath sky ripped open and blues that grew and drivin the grooves abra cadabra cadavers at opera groping for life and singin' the blues with nothin' to lose 'sept the booze that's true. I call the truce. and back again and the buddha of this world once more, and another bird down the finger lakes of new york city blues, all da way from greenwich village and da coffee houses, accents and late great grand band bait wait stop drop don't top now jack at the crack of dawn daniels & kerouac jim's beam and morrison in the van again mountain mist & boronia sea spray tingling 'gainst my cheek. sprites & faeries running past my last blind eyes, bleeding their salt tears, while myrrh maids call out to me & sirens beckon me to fall & follow low, the sounds of hippies & hipsters calling through the fog & smoke to join them. ancient greek & roman gods whispering through the sullen fields to lend them my ears. venus aphrodite nibbling at my neck, & necklace kissing my dry cracked lips ghosts & goblins surrounding me, drowning me in azure & footprints pitiful naked & drowning I alone w/ visions & dreamers & schemers & all pointless screamers, alleyways beckoning me w/their sad bums & mad drums. the 3 condemning witches of macbeth hackling, hacking w/ blank black eyes. a haze over the thunders of heaven & a gateway to hell w/ its steady stream of steamy souls w/ all their eyes & fingers pointing straight at me. I hear cupids laugh turn into the devils heaving screams. attila & goliath all bent & broken stokin' the fire under my grave