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from Cry Stall Gaze






Cry Stall Gaze, Title page.








Cry Stall Gaze, Page 4.








Cry Stall Gaze, Page 7.









Cry Stall Gaze, Page 8.








Cry Stall Gaze, Page 9.








Cry Stall Gaze, Page 10.





[From original handmade book with words by Anne Waldman and art by Pat Steir, Cry Stall Gaze was

published in 2012. Accordion Book with Silkscreen and Photogravure. Folded: 15 X 34 1/4 Inches,

Unfolded: 216 Inches. Portfolio Box 16 1/2 X 35 1/2 X 1 1/2 Inches. Edition of11. Collaborating Master

Printer: Randy Hemminghaus. Binding Designed And Fabricated By Alexis Myre.]