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Anne Waldman & Ron Padgett in China, 2015. Photo courtesy of Ron Padgett.



Exactly like Anne Waldman


I was walking down the street in China I mean a street

and ahead of me I saw a person

who looked exactly like Anne Waldman

She had scarves and a stride

that was taking her through the Chinese

who gave her a “look”

because she had a look that said

“I am Anne Waldman”

I knew it was Anne Waldman

for I had seen her many times before

thousands of them

thousands of Anne Waldmans

and this one gave off the same gong

when the eyes struck her

a gong that vibrated out into the air around her

It was interesting to see this person

who looked exacly like Anne Waldman

and have her stop and turn around

and smile at me

as we approached a statue of Confucius

that was clearer for a moment than any clarity

and for that moment I was a man

walking down a street in China behind Anne Waldman