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“Fast Speaking Woman” Tribute for Anne Waldman, on her Birthday, April 2015





Copyright 2015 by Alystyre Julian. Used by permission of the FSW Collective.



Fast Speaking Woman Collective:


1-Reed Bye: “let me try you with my magic power” 0:27

2-Pat Steir: “the artist dreaming inside her house” 1:50

3-Vincent Katz: “I’m a fast speaking woman” 2:32

Interludes: Eva Hunt: “flowers that clean”

4-Alexis Myre: “I’m a sapphire woman”3:46

5-Lee Ann Brown: “I’m a Southern Cross woman” 4:33

6-Sarah Riggs & Layla Mae: “I’m a bird woman” 5:30

7-Omar Berrada & Safira: “I’m the nervous woman” 6:22

8-Laird Hunt & Eva: “I’m the doe-eyed woman” 8:10

9-Steven Taylor: “I’m the cataloguing woman” 9:30

10-Grazia Della-Terza: “I’m the woman with colorful thread” 11:02

11-Douglas Dunn: “I’m the woman with scales” 12:13

12-Jules Bakshi: “I’m the jaguar woman” 13:27

13-Bob Holman: “I’m the big-hearted woman” 14:10

14-Nicole Peyrafitte & Kush :”I’m the pink-dawn woman” 15:03

15-Pierre Joris & Kush : “I’m the resonating woman” 17:06


17- Selah Saterstrom & HR Hegenaur: “I’m the Infanta, I’ll get my way”/“I’m the Shakti


18-Karl Leone: “I’m the raised-on-jazz woman” 23:24

19- Rachel Levitsky: “I’m the visceral woman” 24:32

20-Tracie Morris: “they say it’s like softness there” 25:22

21-Kristin and Sophie Prevallet with Andy Indiana Spears, JenMarie MacDonald and

Travis McDonald: “I’m the woman with the keys”/”I’m a fast-rolling woman” 26:53

22-Alystyre Julian: “I’m a rolling-speech woman” 27:40

23-Alystyre Julian: “I’m the cittipatti woman” 28:16

24-Eileen Myles: “I’m the celebrity woman” 29:37

25-CA Conrad & Melissa Buzzeo: “mincy, mincy, mincy, mincy she cried” 30:14/30:50

26-Brenda Coultas: “the Woman-Who-Does-Things” 31:12

27-Max Davies: “I’m the woman traveling inside her head” 32:18

27-Thurston Moore: “busy woman to light up the day!” 33:15

28-Eva Prinz: “I’m the woman who walked to Nepal” 34:20

28-Toni Oswald: “I’m the woman over the next peak” 35:35

29-Nicolas Van Egten: “I thrive on passion” 36:35

29-Ambrose Bye: “I can out-boast all of you” 37:20

30-Marcella Durand and Ishmael: “with me it’s pleasure weather style” 38:16

31-Eleni Sikelianos: “I’m the woman who dreams” 39:22


Steven Taylor: Intro and Outro beats



[The director would like to credit the text of the poem “Fast Speaking Woman” by Anne

Waldman used in this film to the first edition of Fast Speaking Woman, City Lights Books, April

1975 (The Pocket Poet Series No. 33). The frontpiece of the film is taken from the cover of Anne

Waldman’s Fast Speaking Woman, 20th Anniversary Edition, City Lights Publishers, 1996.]