A n n e   W a l d m a n :   K e e p i n g   T h e   W o r l d   S a f e   F o r   P o e t r y

N a p a l m   H e a l t h   S p a :   R e p o r t   2 0 1 5 :   S p e c i a l   E d i t i o n






from Hours for Jerome




“In the late 60s when Jerry and I lived in northern New Jersey, Anne and Michael Brownstein would often
visit and we would drive to the Delaware River for swimming and spending the day on its lovely islands.”

Photo courtesy of Nick Dorsky.




This image of Anne Waldman is part of footage shot and edited from 1966 to 1970

and then edited to completion over a two-year period ending in July 1982.

Hours for Jerome (as in a Book of Hours) is an arrangement

of images, energies, and illuminations from daily life.

These fragments of light revolve around the four seasons.

Part one is spring through summer; Part two is fall and winter.  –N.D.