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Tomorrow Never Knows




[Based on Dr. Timothy Leary’s The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based On The Tibetan

Book Of The Dead (1964). John Lennon was delighted with the book. Right away, on page 14 in

Leary's introduction, he read, “Whenever in doubt, turn off your mind, relax, float downstream,”

words that became the opening line. The final track on Revolver, "Tomorrow Never Knows"

kicked off work on the album (April 6, 1966). The piece showcases John Lennon's experimental

songwriting, tape loop arranging and persuasive vocals at their psychedelic best. Four days earlier,

Anne Waldman turned 21. The song becomes her favorite Beatles creation. The version included here,

remix 11, was on the 1st pressing of Revolver and was a mistake. The vocal is louder and clearer

over the effects, the fade is slightly longer and has more piano, and the effects are faded up

quite differently than the normal mix (remix 8).]