H e a r t   S o n s   &   H e a r t   D a u g h t e r s   of   A l l e n   G i n s b e r g

N a p a l m   H e a l t h   S p a :   R e p o r t   2 0 1 4 :   A r c h i v e s   E d i t i o n






and wondering






says no, as things are ambling along, should they, should he, get a dog, I should, find a

way to survive in San Bernardino, far enough away from Los Angeles to be in another

state, to be in Nevada or West Africa, even, which is why I moved here. too, it is simple,

nothing ostentatious, at all, my neighbors are just living, and I'm doing more of the same

but writing as well as working and dealing with the garbage, a few cacti up on the wall

under the prayer flags. 39 years old, I wonder what and how I got here, am I loved or am

I mistaken though it all clears up with the rain or the sun emerging, tranquil, the cities,

the real cities in my mind are far, far away & this one is perfumed this evening with

southern california winter and mud, poppies which came up after the sun came out, the

sun that lives here like a royal beast, a brocade, a memory bringing us all together, to




[Originally published in NHS 2005, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs05/katie_yates.html.]