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Sadness Of Mind


He wants to thaw the pleas written in stone over the library.

This man prefers to climb bricks, to tighten his years, slowing

his life to a store of hours, ticking away 1,000 miles from

misery. In the old days, parents stripped the bad parts from

their kids. Though vowing the power to bring justice; to see

blame placed is all the greatest cop can do. Two dozen fears

crept into his life as unwritten rules changed and streets

shifted beneath his feet. The rock of ages cracks and fears come 

unhinged to flap out of an old stone church where crash victims

sit on benches out front. In towns across America, a sadness of

mind sees that the same world used to be just fine.



[Originally published in NHS 1998, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs98/ruggia.html.]