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Vermin Redux


Fragments Risked Exclusively ( for Antonin Artaud)

revolt bones moral wars fractures concentrate atomic nervous centers initiates lunatic years life spectator inspiration internal electric revolutions excitable impressions absolute laughs referred protest schism blood political field reckoning theater sordid countless humanity bleeding forget elementary broken shape elements lost playing



Secret Savage Reborn (for Anais Nin)

blinding weep hibernating exhilaration costuming overflow moons thread disappear dissolve hysteria deeper nourishes innocuous opium den fairytales distrust stained glass unfathomable sufferings clear trembling essences joy thoughts womb arouses alive quiver whirling water enmeshed fatigue hallucinations deceptive ivory surface music electric insanity remembering pure voracious restlessness fantasy emptied dizziness



Spangled Moon Dammed Guilt (for Charles Baudelaire)

whimpers regrets dreaming passionate melancholic cadaver flowers serpent liquid ebony beggars dazzling divine languor wild swoons enfold opulent charms beautiful purified jeweled mirrors splendid vapor vague women snow blade swell canal crystal worms sapphire opal heavens drink stormy bronze depths perfume mane ecstasy dipped bitter monster veils shine eternal moaned beauty



Rats Tires Whiskey Bad (for Charles Bukowski)

garbage boots light nothingness wet hotel intimate flapjacks broken sadness pockets girl ashamed shot knife tub fearless sneak ass dirty gray rivers  tangerine cat singing crazy poems listen revolution dissatisfaction writing coquette terrible store pats sleeping nightclubs bathwater napkin songs waitress phone waiting death dissolution sex bed love streets curtain talking hooker slouch fuck hard desperation flat widows weeping jail drinking famous strangers blow shove prick thought shoelace inhale wife smokes stocking tits hopeless consumed cowboy blade



Morphine Contact Cigarette Slime (for William S. Burroughs)

wounded  stomach  judge snippy dust narcotics insect bum limp blood randy orgasm sick skull nakedness latex pushers oyster flesh gimmick distasteful excrement jockstraps feeding pain clubs control cough assault gasoline mummy convolutions yellow disorder jack off  language shots precincts streets experimental galaxies ominous dirty sheep pinwheel disease squatting rum tape-recorders using strange chlorine fangs score copulation selling tenuous anonymous sleepy sewers white lavatory steer crawl broken bourbon connection cruises jelly rub automatic religious bribes spurt terminal delirium strangulation slapstick  himilation  electric thighs jagged hungry monkey balls screaming explosive climax



Sprouting Muted Travellers (for E.E. Cummings)

fingers squirm silently coarse spines huddling countries asleep understanding pleasure bones depart snow worms descending white sleeping trousers deftly crying kissing legs flowers compel better texture flesh dissolves shocking laughs mouth body limp afterwards touch electric dreams



Confessing Roaring Opium Universities (for Allen Ginsberg)

dreaming madman motorcyclists dragging innocent skeletons hallucinating hospitals weeping volcanoes  sirens lounged unshaved rooftop insanities gas-station incantations blew seraphim gymnasiums butchered trucks harlequin wine alleyways marijuana brooding jukebox telepathy delight concrete machinery starry hopeless neon boxcars holy lobotomy hotels saxophone toilet suicide rhythms sexy tobacco streetlights barefoot secret hungry alcoholic nightmares copulating vibrations shrieking pavements of Eternity



Stretched-Out Saintly Anxieties (for Jack Kerouac)

goof  innovators school self- indulgence blasting Cadillac downtown hootchy-kootchy birdlike nightgown instruments sweet jazz demon mouthpiece Chinamen sweating cool collar children beer butter writhing gloomy fairy-tale dark meticulously studded hobos stomping sharpness cafeterias glittering contemplative buildings woodshed lips mouthpiece lonely lovely room



Heaving Beauty Cradling Bed (for Compte de Lautremont)

gloomy flowers laments bedroom aqueous terror hideous monsters desire wreaking starlight despair hurling delightful bloodbath veil aroused wolves battle devastating bellowing asleep pedestal lightning curses sepulcher bodies agonies compass vengeful demise dared thunderstorm starless climax teeth bowels ghastly  briny murder blade waves abandoned abyss suffering bottomless hatred fins cities shroud terrified dog



The Beauty of Suffering (for Author Rimbaud)

drunk mirrors slave devil breasts lake eternity highway skeleton delirium  wolves rhythms stinking phantom dreamed delicate lascivious salvation fair curse martyr discovery tattered tyrants gargoyle pocket nymphs boughs heavens damnation magic consonants awakening caterpillars devour altars fantastic gallows monstrous invented aromatics mad boudoirs gypsy grin worms lyre water-lilies superstition languages torments child fabulous divine



Trick Wet Soft (for Robert Smith)

surrender sore face scratch kill mesmerized souls twist lifeless surprise violent tomorrow sleeker fear dark Christmas fingers sealed shivered fade hatred ache silken touch silence walls glittering morning name senses echo blur snow memories rushed promise glares birds bleak wider surrender drifting delirious caress climb cats sweat despair diamond throw explode nightmare flesh wake innocence thousand hour stories sweet wordless laugh deathless pure flood writhed tortures time winter hypnotized slowly waiting dry milk stinging blade die sadness sin think sudden footsteps




[Originally published in NHS 2012, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs12/.]