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Two Doves


Two doves were building a nest

on a ledge jutting out above

the sliding doors of a retail store.

One patiently sat while the other

flew to the parking lot & back

with twigs & pieces of styrofoam.


"Are you crazy?" I yelled at them.

"Do you think you are common pigeons

who copulate in the rain? Or Herring Gulls

who use the x-ray vision God gave them

for finding pizza crusts within a box?


"Fly thou quickly to the hanging light

on the loading dock around the back.

There, safe from crows & curious kids,

construct your silly, little home.

Fear not the diesel exhaust, the starlings

or the pallet jacks of Sam & Felix.


"You will find abundant grass seed

in the Jewish graveyard by the condos,

plenty of puddles, plus the south-facing

spot is a transient renter's bonus,

you'll love the view of the Hilton."


The doves accepted my advice:

Protect them, Lord, your winged things,

the equals of both mollusks & mice,

the products of a million springs.



[Originally published in NHS 2001, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs01/rixon.html.]