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Why We Oppose the Privatization of the US Postal Service

for Jared Polis


We don’t want six trucks a day tooling up our cul de sacs

Any more than we want regular colonoscopies.


In the name of peace and quiet

To sustain intestinal flora and domesticated fauna,


Please do not privatize the US Postal Service.

And thanks again for your public service.


We snail mail recipients of man so many

Servants of the state, not yo momma’s nanny,


Didn’t fight for these streets any more than

We fought for the Gulf of Tugurio.


But now defend the streets, and precincts from

A growing blight - the loss of rights.


Who in their right mind would ask for six trucks,

Daily colonoscopies up their street?



[Originally published in NHS 2010, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs10/index.html.]