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the tale of the poltergeist                               12/18/04


we all know his name

but we seldom see him

tho he’s present


he wears a camouflage

suit      he’s a chair

a desk     an answering

machine    a wastepaper



he’s been hired to do

what no one else will

he’s silently present

in our dreams     he’s

the hatchet man of

our nightmares


he thinks he’s honorable

he gets the job done

moving human beings

by haunting them

out of the way


he’s the curse controller

for a monstrous school board

that diets on teachers


he’s infamous

he thinks he’s invincible

he’s protected by a

mysterious employer

who rents him out

he’s a janitor who sweeps

away anyone disposable


he shrugs his shoulders

it’s his business to be the beast

and enjoy it     he’ll chew up

anyone in his way    he’s

immune to pesticides


his name is well known

marble floors crack

when it’s uttered

hordes of people flee

to escape his wrath


he’s a relation to the plague

the eradication of people

are notches on his belt


he handles every crisis


he takes no prisoners


he’s the incarnation

of a lingering disease


*                          *                       *



[Originally published in NHS 2005, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs05/michael_pingarron.html.]