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(Pass Me a Rearrange): Lines from Buddy’s Poems


I spent all morning alone

in the suburbs of your sheets

My nose is as dry as robbery

feet are stars tied

glasses sweeten my face


You had better buckle

up for what I am almost

going to hurl at you,

most ordinary boy


If I take care of myself forever,

what will you give to me?

What are your pockets full of today?


All we have

is everything

I look to the sky

A light gets into my eyes

The pillow sees it

I’m glad I’m alive


Come near to me

The people never stop moving walk in from

outside up from downstairs

Who is this in my arms?

We might have made an extraordinary team

I’ll call you whoever you are

Keep me up on your life


People say ok honey you can go

in a moment you can give it

all up


I had great fun

with great friends old and new

I didn’t mean to stay

then say goodbye now take care now

Help yourself to your own life


In case you are not wondering

this begins love’s continuous final night



[Note: The above poem is a cut-up composed of lines from the poetry of Gerard Rizza from his book, Regard for Junction, (Spectacular Diseases, 1992). Originally published in NHS 1996, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs96/index.html#39.]