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Too Weary


Too weary to fold my clothes.

Too weary to order vicodin on-line, I delete spam from my


Too weary to wear a condom, I lose interest in sex.

Too weary to lift the toilet seat, I sit and pee like a girl.

Too weary to say “I love you” back to my wife, I grunt

and switch off the light.

Too weary to sleep, I watch the full moon plummet

through the starless night sky towards dawn.

Too weary to keep my eyes open during Tibetan Buddhist

teachings, I daydream about tomorrow’s lunch.

Too weary as manager to read 10 page handwritten letter

from three year retreatants.

Too weary to join the sangha dancing, I go home & watch

James Bond alone.

Too weary to invent a story about a gun.

Too weary to work as cook, I turn in letter of resignation

to my cat who complains loudly about the rain on our

cheap tin roof.

Too weary to trod the One Path to complete

Enlightenment, I leave the crowded shrine tent to go home

and bathe.



[Originally published in NHS 2005, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs05/peter_marti.html.]