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This Affair with Joy is Getting Insane


This affair with Joy is getting insane.  We had another quickie before her husband

came home.  The urgency with which we force ourselves to act gives us energy.  We

could've waited for another day and for a better place but we didn't wait.  It had to be

NOW!  I must be working out some anger towards authority to screw her in her

husband's bed quickly before he walks in.  Or maybe it's just a death wish.

At the outset when our necks began to redden and our legs grind, I stood up

saying that the sound of cars outside made me too tense to relax, maybe it's his car.  I was

ready to split.

“Please, come inside me,” she said half naked on her back, “quickly.”

Quickly I got down.  Quickly I came.  Quickly we got up.  Quickly we left the

house.  Quickly my pressured heart beats, quickly to the Food Stamp line I go, then

quickly to mail a package, then quickly to Don's house for supper. 

I'm going to have to slow down, quickly, before I damage my heart.



[Originally published in NHS 2012, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs12/.]