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Atlantic Hotel In Long Beach


There was an ocean nearby     and a boardwalk from where one night

while sleeping     the boy I was rooming with came limping back

howling     with his ribs smashed by bandits


Having been up most of the night hearing him moan     even after

the ambulance sped him away     I was tired the next day when

Paula Greenland came to visit me, smiling     At sixteen

she might be my first life-long friend, I thought


She walked back home because on this holiday her religion forbid

riding in a vehicle     and she was struck by a truck     dying

on the way to the hospital     covered in blood


I was sweeping piles of dust in the dining room when the call

came and I cried into my stiff, red hotel jacket     All day the

radio played     "Everything is beautiful, in its own way"



[Originally published in NHS 2008 http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs08/Cliff_Fyman.htm.]