H e a r t   S o n s   &   H e a r t   D a u g h t e r s   of   A l l e n   G i n s b e r g

N a p a l m   H e a l t h   S p a :   R e p o r t   2 0 1 4 :   A r c h i v e s   E d i t i o n






Notes To A Young P-borg



What is the poem of the future? Soon, maybe already, it will be a driverless vehicle navigating the cosmos, keeping universes safe for—What else?—poetry. Poebotics may still in its infancy, but pioneers are already lining up. In its prototype stage, the Poebot II, called The Originator, rolled over during an early practice run, destroying much of its vision system. Nevertheless, the vehicle was extensively rebuilt and successfully completed the course during the second day of qualifications. Navigating a paranoid and seriously neurosis-ridden path laid out on the infield of the Mind Speedway, several poebotics experts said they expected only a handful of vehicles to qualify for the finals and that they would be surprised if anybody actually won this first effort to create a poebotic vehicle capable of maneuvering through the material battlefield environment on its own. The race is intended to help autonomous print vehicle navigation technologies aimed at meeting a congressional mandate to extensively deploy poebotic systems by 2035. Many entrants have attempted to complete the course, which extends twelve million eons through the void. Some even have major corporate sponsors. Most couldn't land a publishing contract to save their lives. Watching it all from the bleachers, I think to myself how grieved, not dead, and yet to die & yet again to not; releasing gallows & altars—isn't this also a kind of love.



Imaginal yogis, living in a rapidly mutating, crisis-ridden cyberia, you have this music this flower this masterpiece theater of concentrated egoless outage of continents' loathsome forces almost equally detestable if not internal fiascos meant to express the passing of gods speaking in beautiful networks unencumbered by the great dim nonchalance of groundlessness moving across interenlightenment mediums. Intuitively the poetry sangha publishing as service you are a part of the initiation eternity trembling identity known. All phases the trail of visions recording these things one perceived. A totality natural engaged in cohesive chaos exploding fatherless symmetries self-publishing state of nations having something to say unwanted necessity. Didn't & not disappointed people say & anything can and there are those and they no more or less fame & legend mill doom export factory furnace collectively whomever responding to everything. Like trying to put out the fires of hell it parts it your destiny whatever the allegations little did people know how much how fast things regardless and something has happened a tremendous change of integrity ghosts chastising the living for not being to be a poet.



Which needs more than any other art some disturbance some disruption huge changes going on invisibly. Cracking trees snow apple blossoms acting irregularly. Dr. Child the perfect companion for the young barbarian university some personal loathing vanished taking aerial photographs the balance of study. How fragile the American accident the song of the troops the beautiful latrine pale exhausted high and musical several members were in tears an effort to get aid there anyway the Presidential Daily Briefing because we how no one had seen it all around them always engaged failed. Strange wouldn't have it the transmission of inequality things that haunt you never popular to start with they decided marines wearing pajama blossoms the mosque as a military base if we do this wrong the entire United States Army and The Girl Scouts metal teeth were begun. Celestial uninterrupted orienteering cinema radio magic yellow donut light shop apart from Dante Ninth Street meter take control of your own imagination.



Down at the union hall mind's fine careless rapture essence of gospel blood there is no victory in the sacred heart. Miners reported missing a million passenger itineraries sudden oak death Villon crack baby nuns canting irascible edicts that bit of the monster religious war demonology official opinion impeccably shattered. Unpredictable word pilgrims at rosewater checkpoints make sure the actual language evidence is public their works exist almost in secret. The sewer system the electricity grid knowing the classics to prevent imitating false classic law enforcement czar contagion a small bag of hate mail trusting the computation of field agent busy signal cannonball solid state memory ships under the bridge of incarnate qualitative measure no more writing on anything. Here for the unusual person in a dream you are murdered by candied delirium they only think they are watching death. Lyric being moved what you are not supposed to want everybody else touching the replace us panel giant consciousness we others the obvious hungry sexual something a threat ex-rivals uniting future holes. In common shock troop honesty humanitarian mission what bodies always wanted the ambiguity of first of all love is not what was ultimately proposed.



Sushi donuts. Karate stilettos. Cop trainee can't learn streets suicidal beauty with cuts on arm mother in San Antonio broken knee fallen off horse brain injured once genius girl. Status decorated with dildos of emptiness dreamed West Point his whole life got smoked. Inspector self-radiant wisdom a selection of global pain utmost possible clarity remembering the accords. As one finds in Arnaut the poison casebook illegal arrests withdrawn peacekeepers unpleasant myriad guises calamitous explosion not to blame for religions foisted upon whatever form your new stuff's in. You think more representative misfortunes the level of seriousness nerve reflecting systems reflecting each other head warfare identical monsters on a bridge in Alabama to struggle against what's happening in us killing off yet another generation compassion. Strictly modern more intimate they seem at first you think vinyl have me eliminated you people exiled calling it approach repulsive the ones you think you cannot help any kind of conflict any notion of unworthiness anything that feels embarrassing we breathe it in for everybody. Wants news you'll have to organize large pages specially made capitals half-time report caterpillar ox double-waist low-cut crimson velvet jeans whatever arises innermost real experiment. The mood of thought programs without bias running through a swollen moriarty placeth in the flame of love.



Albeit in naught may not it mar the fragrance of tnt & hair gel attached to wealth and neglect a light comes forth nonnationstatelessly proceeding bronze rose at the castle gate esteemed & practiced Alamo. Oceans how different the I alone operations attract new fans who are violence averse we have a beautiful plan. Enjoy very much the enjoy in her underwear stands tense & listening beside the baby elephant dragon concentration we are invited to give it. Profitless class moving toward difficult muscular stereotypes in tedious monotonous outright offensive floating cool legless man above the table the rules of grammar who could forget them Philip Whalen the art of literature. Function harlequinesque smoothly wrinkled skin products lost in decaying bathrooms embody everything everything disliked in original capacity however dusty ranchland road accompanied by a Martian might have been a logical place to start. Gender ignoring precedent the end of anything alright if you want continuance poetry. Painted Names dragging cities off the wrack covenant zones a shortcoming a tone emotion an infinite reader to life. In lonely the angel of shattering windshields the little white boats of unknown research smiles of tight pants scolded with humiliation returning like Utah so much harm I have heard it said that the teachings are written directly onto the hearts of all people.



Dig here unalchemized despair death as teacher passion imprinted recurrent casual sun rising over the longest list. As was fresh fighting erupts in Afghanistan, as was Theorem 1 as was west coast urban nostalgia 10th annual cockroach tractor pull. More speech she misunderstood his handwriting Samson pile of bills general melting of ice caps crushed parsley & walnuts box of cymbals the letters of Jackie Robinson to Richard Nixon thousands of towns mixed with rocket fuel. City of Never sick with leftover imagination tell me what you did to prosody eight hundred blue-bodied giants looking for a relay station on earth. Outside of sound & blind if they used all their potential he invented thrown overboard verbal warp for the sake of anacoluthon take all the ugliness that generations before you had to write in order to cure. Self-illuminates the reception here magnificent power beam readings as refuge she really thought her pimps were important that is getting somewhere no explanation penetrate bone & marrow the advertising present talking to us in Kryptonese normal among the futuristic spires of the miniature metropolis not having penetrated impenetrable talk. And so forth deriving showing influence being influenced every interstice hell's delight good enough for Shxpr admitting all the imperfection preparation never what one is preparing. Revered makers the best work complicated forests studying apart from the tetralemma marry ultimate mastery a vie des lettres.



Wastrel courage thick with flag draped coffins the young attack pompous idiots blast & bless. Disappearing entourage public opinion breakdown metric rock keeps you from submerged in conditions. Tribe the unexpected otherwise truth makes its own style but his voice it's hers they found this note lieutenant "Stop pretending you're dead." The silence of tomorrow convoys across Nebraska blown up nowhere will the significance of the day to come be more deeply felt in sonnet eagle above every battle of the Civil War. Even if you catch a fly with chopsticks. I'll fly across this roof on swords the noise I'm making ought to let Viper know I'm here the bullet wound requires attention sirens the cops a nerve toxin it should have killed you my body must have saved me I still feel awful it's a splendid opportunity I don't intend to waste it this officer is an imposter escort me to the prisoner's cell immediately the guards are so burned out they do not notice me strip off these gloves a fortunate decision he stays I'll deal with him later my car and driver are pulling up maybe I saved him from one executioner only to deliver him into the hands of another I'm hallucinating my costume's turned green lovely I have no idea what's going on nothing's happening. Fascinating Gino says we talk alike Chief Henchman says we look alike a few words the right words detonate justice rot tremendous energy contact with natural force does not bravery to analyze in accord the not-transient.



Spelling a million years from now High Noon playboys finding pleasure in things I despise. Lazy day ten thousand pages cannot tear down never just a book being offered the absence of habit. Without the constructive sense of building anything English halfway Chinese pink typewriter ribbon converse word order from is always ambiguous slut in the tempestuous apothecary troubadour arts. Gloomiest consequences the America of our hopes jackplane nude erection a man to stand before presidents or generals with plutonium erotica take me now sand cherry blossom she wore tights faster harder should I take my coat off new combinations she shoots him nearest furthest adults of sex alike sensation he writes a book about it weapons of mass presence. Bad as eugenics piety insignia nomenclature maxims of hardships endured oft our own spaces heaven without armor or cowl the precision of unsentencing. Don't worry about mysterium aliens taking over US jobs there's plenty beat working for a living regret not the beastly humane donning infinity caste of superinfidels. Get to bottom of "thought" imponderable lifted out entrance to all fact the doesn't want to know what's waiting dirty bomb ever remain all this did not happen dream of earth crushing to subatomics the mightiest General Washington expanding conflicting advancing visibly. More advance invisibly the whole matter universal vast and sweeping down to one single solitary soul.



To wryte demonic invasion via internet codices the phone rings a secret book bound in human flesh running away will only make things worse. Lost to craters white marble freeways the dark Murphy bed of baby red flannel hand coming down from between bare shoulders in sunlight gossip of belt buckles dizziness of clothes. Speedboats approach a morgue filled with clocks it's a pleasure just before sunset when the rats come out. The times have changed and the visions have not. Exposed with a feed Associated Press how sad it is self-harm whatever it was didn't want it's name to be known scented with lavender more irregular than Ralph Lauren paint. Almost all of them zombies people who showered against the war she had worked in a lab implanting smart citizenship programs our bodies are pockets for small radios bursting from holoverse source code my gold plated problems. There goes Anselm en route to the French Riviera & later copies of Kerouac interviews & Acid Test tapes John sent arrive. Sheer ultra-feminine path worn jeans heavy with male significance eyes that watched her face bloomed with heat the white enamel gleam hooking her light as frost. Her 'I' can enter at any location and interact with each other not that world of appearances is wrong just nothing out there.



Thou shalt not bear false witness retro-emptive western Star Trek sex ship exhausted by machines in Armanis. Immortal expedition takes off in hot pursuit Artificial US taking orders from huge brain floating in a tank. Buffalo Lunar Patrol circles security infrastructure evidentiary metadata system automated id automated booking you can't defend the hermaphrodite photo booth candor she says wind is everything escaping me I do not want to fall off this mountain higher than my screams. Moon cactus has bigger thoughts than dawn's ebon werewolf vines gravity too is so temporary a narrow slender minstrel accused of not working in any tradition ignorant accusation it's his calling. What else had she expected to happen what he thought was happening what happened that they never understood that I wished could be undone beneath chipped paint Coca Cola sign swaying from the Valentine Theater. Adept of Opposites lugging total climax eros tomes from battlefield to battlefield all die the same day wayfaring masters this device outside convention rhapsodia active & duro the nation exposed has its own code of laws ten thousand kinds of crime all violated at once. A special guest repeatedly sweeps the single room cleaning out everything.



Unspeakably isolated those outside the monstrous generality that sound what's happening everywhere to us. Students how you gonna cope trapped in stagnant intellectual keychain buckteeth lord's prayer on a grain of rice shrunken head what life-giving strategy helping others ever been kissed why turn gold to rust every word missing the mark. Baby savior fingering nipple three hours ecstatic passion now that's a movie worth nameless human doom. Indigo peonies no adoration of existing schools best comfort a small band counterpoised to the leveling not inconsistent with disobedience self-questioning unstopped by soggy vampires of the lurid all-devouring insult their terrorism a legacy for those who have died these last years defending the Union's spiritual nausea these changes leading each of us left behind preparing the fullness of destruction so constant its happiness the whole sad man-made complication of provoked fate. Unauthorized sufferer emptied-out person it could have arrived as a shudder an apposition a picture what is dismissed is taken away anyone could have started counting the accent the vowel length the unaccumulated entirety of personal force the common not-grasping destiny of poems yet to be sung. 



Unwilling to tread in the footsteps of any who preceded me wrote Shelley those bastards my pals have survived these ages of crooked & irresponsible writing activity. Both harder and more creative this limitless poise you have assumed it is a human world of patience the ongoing revolt microphone passed around Bat Cave mystery men the elusive "John Doe No. 2" the recording kept secret the tape destroyed its value unclear no transcript ever heard. "Sloth a Chinese poet upside down said Kerouac I heard them say "American Muslims conspire to replace Constitution with Qur'an" I heard them say "Abrahamic faiths" I heard them say "deliberately misread" I heard them say "failure to thrive" I heard them say "network of the just." Lust and Disgust how abrupt uncaptioned eidolon incarcerosexual home videos Allen Ginsberg wanted to in the English language make a series of syllables identical with an historical event the end of war. Lock of rags these obligations grief teaches us to be an ambivalent middle I wouldn't worry about it either recant rehearse reveal renew no one is there life shapes itself to our scars.



From clobbering mammoths to knocking off sonnets comparable auditory processed sound experience fifty thousand years as many nicknames for same mind always existed in all people at all times in all places as leaves of the lespedeza the Lesbians inspired by traditions other sources heroic fucked-up heroic independent from Homer many distressed to learn that objections to computers were urged by Plato in the Seventh Letter against writing. Printed poem if you live like a savant no one will be greatly impressed a barn exploding tornado she took her shoe and hit the oral montage the curtains open no one knows what he is going to say steeped in all the conditions from which she was born have come to an end. Movable type a short period within poetic history that something so close should come to pass not be here anymore unable to stand by you who have to raise the world up again. Most hated nation on earth content with amethyst margins celebrated as a beggar's funeral you sift the electronica that dreams nothing let those who are broken call out like a river of data rot presumptuous to assume one's life must be labeled all the time. Most remarkable fact about alphabets is the wonderful permanence they confer on words not on events present all at once always modifications of a total situation more than verbal.



They cannot attain omniscience or the destruction of poetry the gutter flower at the drain of migration those passing our untitled mirror how often have we seen upon the cheek of the person with whom we are talking the horse that passes at the end of the street. A multicolored text printed on different kinds of paper typefaces of varying shapes and sizes the book neither up nor down right nor left not one but many virtual layouts so that in order to read the text the book has to be turned round and round again. Guitars satellites hillbilly music the tomb of the Chihuahua pharaohs Japanese underworld gangsters attorneys in Milwaukee arguing vastly incongruous interpretations same text anti-American theorists infantrywoman dragging herself she was bleeding holding her head under her arm out some prefer you to simply admire their brilliance some hide their tricks they will clap you like normal do not say to yourself who can bring the poem down from heaven who can go down to the abyss to bring the poem up from the dead. An ever-extended whole in the spring fields lonely he cries where is that girl who came last night asking for money "I'll pay tomorrow" she said there are so many things that give us pain I cannot write them all down still she shares my inmost thoughts.



Prepared language performed by machines compact to save bandwidth verse tell me which portion is not accelerator ray emotions have changed cessation that part of existence radiations Whitman called from thought circling ever possible over the words breaking off to words the moment calls for. Lost "topos" a couple of new people arrive some went to another room there were nice couches they started drinking beer and super-reading conflicting global news sources bag of bones. The agent enters some "you" the A-life therapist enters mentally using synaptic hookups and drugs the lead psychiatrist agrees to wade into the swamp to obtain the victim's location the killer's reality camouflaged as a physical system much like in real life (IRL). Visage communicated her anguish broadcast to others receiving distress signals from loved ones dials that are wired together to the operator's third eye. You duck under the picnic table the beer cans fly you go for a blimp-shot a line of police cars pulling into the picnic grove you look through the eyes of a person with absolutely no idea his eyes are being used. Ashamed they'd separated couldn't stand the fear of being one having the same problems cut off by sadistic intelligence gathering state the "present" a periphrastic tension between the "now" and the "not yet" as in "He will be having written these things."



I saw fireballs coming down the church or head got bigger and bigger there's nobody in the years ahead a choking dust ring of sex wan troops the adjectives my heart never summoned the ideal reader is a very disobedient person. In most of these scenes there's mass confusion whatever the warfare of perishing beasts that guard our oblivion. Minimal and precarious large lines continue to be connected with the bolder and more daring one imagines all really superior poets laugh at my sad dejected acts seen as disadvantaged "purely flesh" divorced from technology. Opposite is an entirely mechanical existence as a borg that acts as a person (AAAP) i.e. autonomous recognition ego orientation training performance analysis verbal persuasion vicarious experience (modeling) field binding and emotional arousal. Saturate us with yourself Seven-Handed Woman pushing away the distance to the City of Orgies where the alien takes its first steps within the blackening skin once identified as concentring by streams alone to tally the gifts as large as the earth the actual the enduring subject of poetry.



The direct know thyself aluminum mixing room looks straight into the heart given speech tones pathless affection the way people grow. No truce precise verbal definition carrying kindliness down godfathers of invasion bartender satsang improvised fighting enormous cemetery white topped even ordered hearing suits little flowering ears of grain. Someone has to say it completing the cognition Blake even when he is alone the small man unobserved woman's encyclopedia hating a bad smell her bosom licked respecting one's nose one can bring the commonwealth to not follow orders Love for itself hath no care nor seeketh not itself to please. Elsewhere at the Institute for Perpetual Supra-Normality Research and Lifelong Super-Powers this special tranquilizer'll make him go out like a siren overconfident with resolve but no judgment they inject Powerade green transformer drugs he never had a piece published. Gangster delight empty of peach tree in blossom echoes towering over mountain steep cliff grass profiting generations wild as six billion pianos simultaneously pass away like water in the front row dread clasps its deadly terrors or thou art not a man like me.



Wirelessly they flew in very low over a furniture store something tingling on his back. He turned around screaming the whole copter had giant pink spiders crawling on the surface. Replicating her implants to become part of the high camp machine collective black streaks modified her blonde hair she was wearing a cherry skin-tight biosuit they brought her to trial for giving holograms a legal precedent to claim sentience. No one would use the word "job" it gave too much status she belongs in space her legs almost buckled beneath the sounds of her clumsiness she corners the massive marble font at the foot of the central aisle and made for the right hand doorway a Zen master in the house all the time. Nothing is foreign his physical presence after so long apart was seriously hindering her command her body panting from anger exertion lust. Instrument of adjustment maddened monkey wavering wandering its precious ideas unable to single out the cause of any mental phenomenon innumerable young men offering their bodies passing two equals who've had revolutions within themselves newborn angels shared old histories of other lives writing for the golden ears of friends who'll understand and forgive everything. The borg executed a perfect turn and marched off into the gloom.



Internally generated within the structure of a crystalline craft injured creatures lying around the debris taken away the autopsy faked a lot of the old whores left the agency. The only visible fixtures a clock and phone at one side a tray of surgical instruments no apparent sign of any ribcage the surgeon removes various internal organs places them in glass dishes it is impossible to say what these organs are the mouth a small inverted crescent giving the corpse a sad look. The nose is small tweezers are used to pull dark membranes from each eye placed in a dish leaving behind the white eyeballs. Members of the campaign cut a secret deal with an enemy state sabotage the re-election profits funneled to its revolutionary wing one informant told US custom officials bumped off by government agents self financing independent covert operations outside the checks and balances of congressional oversight. Crowds of strange children unafraid the stink of their own karma now I place my lips upon yours that you be my poem armed groups fueled by deep insecurity security forces disintegrating intimidated voters stolen ballot boxes assassinated opponents the tiny plane of all these inert superficial toys lit up by oil compared with the power and immensity of one human body.



Multiple interstellar paths my soulcam operations the hoods used were sufficiently porous for air exchange consistent with an ill-designed theatrical mock-up atom blast smoke signal her alien scalp candles burning brighter than the abyss of Los stretch'd immense a shriek ran through eternity & none more than you is eternity. Datum shatters certain hope you retreat into a robotic pose can't help they may have destroyed our leader you came here to finish those remembrances of things that cannot be. These jet stream discs in my palms charged with the fear of chaos that's why they nurture a fatal voltage it is a lengthy step android never finished high school ultra sonic blast waves now I'm blacking out synthetic man. The mutant sorceress turns her eyes directly at her foe minimal use of natural ability to take over other bodies is required soft Babylon Jerusalem let us leave these two alone though they be alone no more the after effects of her stun charge will linger altering the inorb'd bonifide divine arts weeping on Euphrates' banks. The operation of my gutter astrology is the absolute sincerity that effects any change. You do not depart poetry even for an instant what you depart from is not poetry.



Blissed out on genetically pre-programmed euphoria strive with all one's prodigiously augmented telepathy to restore the invisible exhibitionist dragged kicking and screaming into pleasure chambers stuck in paradise. To make the world a better place for dissident emotion pioneering contra functionalism you don't have to scratch too deep the torn sleeves of poverty necklace out of coal flaunting assumed identities a staggering array of shopping applying makeup clown war machine sex the guests were arranged according to hair color. Giant screens with social imagery presidents shoved around phone lines cut panic and police clubs deleted phantoms greeting the dead machinic citizen anneal'd eradicatrix of suffering some were born with instinctive knowledge others study united in practice others learn with great difficulty are split apart it doesn't matter how one knows natural omnipresent electric universe cops were hitting only form of consciousness incoming rounds. Daily clashes ceasefires broken people making speeches written for them acting showbiz roles ordered by flags someone believing in something that isn't there signing something they cannot control you laugh like a quasar swinging across the chandeliers of the universe.



The ceremonial can't be proven there's a racket operating out of this asylum either someone has been impersonating you or the inmates have the keys. Facial recognition fingerprint recognition retina recognition signature recognition speaker recognition what beauty is this that descends upon me and arises out of me these materials these lands ever united my body part to part this globe this time thousands of globes thousands of times. Vast elemental compassion watching penetrating dying the same death tearing through city streets slamming into garbage pails living the same life holding both this side and the other side out of range affirmation and denial. No one else so well as regular one-man circus bard armies nothing whatsoever to teach no advantage a fluent interpreter someone who is sharp "What is it that knows?" solitary illuminate driven to fight injustice bows to no discomfort worships no pleasure. Ghosts in mink it began with a hot-line call less than an hour ago any arhat chained wrists ankles bound with iron somewhere there's an internet with nobody on it directive before importance before trigger before brushing him off before emotional interpretation the inexpressible clearly behold.



Words that hid hieroglyphs & bombs & slaves working the turquoise mines learn something of our tribal legends industrial artifacts the end of blood to sit alone on space station girder amplified senses the depths of space stars passing the limits of ultraviolet and infrared icy comets they were not human. Stoxastikos Greek for "the art of guessing" came to mean "prophecy" reading the unreadable color computer simulations US preemptive doctrine "the uncertain and probable" vets from the frontless "front". Kybernotos "pilot" or "steersman" and cybernetics was the science devoted to describing the pilot in all systems of information the controlling intelligence what William Burroughs called "soft machine" Artaud's "body without organs" composite fragments genderneer'd chips shot through with Messianic difference engines. Avatars coming down the ability to regularly delete humanity technopagan vinyl schoolgirl short plaid skirt silver white magic marker lipstick applied in thick smears hockey haircuts with  hand painted bobby pins Egyptian cloak glitter-scratched cornea to enjoy a walk along the largest indoor man-made beach. The barmaid already digitally compressed removes herself from the scene the men appear to be happy they're not real men. Like you never fucked a knowbot.



AH (appearing human) made-people affected when in contact with things you still cannot make a move on account of ignorance. Even variable identity enhanced regen-recovery powers anti-stun astral form FM vision smell tracking permanent detect the invisible permanent multi images/blur effect permanent strength of the whale permanent anomaly alterforce permanent wind to slow missiles cannot see the strings that bind the universe and mend them when they break. Consensual cowrit erotica colonized striptease suck me off tinysex willingly sliding into the other she had always felt herself to have been these selves cutting through the dew-drench weeds unscrewing her detachable femphal/cellphone "idealised" what the body can't offer. Ancient process of artificial reading the technique of writing sequences of instructions subroutines loops jumps the addition of little ifs still no concrete appearance of objects no luminous mental activity when free spirits meet then there is a writing "human scale" without distinction no sounds and voices speech and seeing no mistaken conclusion no one taken advantage of.



It all seemed so appealing the holomonic cities coup-d'etats the anime space rap action poem argument after argument constant verbal sparring a hit television franchise. There were redesigned bodies personality modifications uniform changes plenty of high-kicks & ammunition wars & romance major losses of life large-scale conspiracy destruction in eleven dimensions but it wasn't enough the last episodes were cut released only on dvd. You've failed to pass the dragon gate human brain inside a ruined head on deep sleep mode in the dump it doesn't matter no gain or loss. Spines command a high price you're rebuilt from other used parts retractable claws prosthetic links biotech dampeners sealing foam no more constant cyberwear upgrades you scratch your metallic leg absent-mindedly a fly buzzing around the surface of the planet scrap heaps of synthetic waste cloning causes hideous deformities raising an eyebrow painted grey with gold highlights. Bodyguards match the durability of the undead rotter metal zombie bum in perpetual decay authority proved itself incomprehensible power structure upheld by guns nothing to get from standing in the snow nothing discovered just made up imitations the terrible doubt of appearances there is a kind of poetry sublime enough to cease and desist stop and know the known all along I give of it to them that love as I myself am capable of loving.


11 March - 4 June 2004



[Originally published in NHS 2004, http://www.poetspath.com/napalm/nhs04/Jim_Cohn.html.]